What is Browser definition/concept/elaboration

The term browser refers to a program that serves to display web pages. A browser works for a client the same way an HTTP server works for documents, and you can view them. It can be executed through code packages that download the same site when being activated, thus achieving different types of effects; in this case, the code is executed by the same client, that is, it is executed on the same computer as the user through the use of a browser. The web browser is related to the outbreak that meant the “World Wide Web” so that it was the means that made it possible for the countless documents present on servers around the world to have access to home users.

The “Word Wide Web” is formed by a set of documents distributed in an infinite number of servers that are linked together. This type of document is configured using a markup language called HTML. This language provides a structure and a particular aesthetic for a web document. However, this language should not be confused with a programming language; It is just a way to give shape to a specific document, without any possibility of structuring a type of logic (although it can evoke code packages that are executed by the server or client). A browser allows them to view these documents, interpreting the HTML code with which it is built. Without that, it would not be impossible to access them. Browser

To achieve this goal, the browser makes a request for content to a specific server. This type of request is configured indicating a type of protocol, a user name and the physical location of the document. This means that it can be known with whom one communicates (the server specified by a user), through what computer.

There are currently many variations of web browsers, each with its own shortcomings and drawbacks, but generally offering an acceptable service . Some examples are offered by Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox, Opera, etc. All of them have improved their functions over time and it is to be expected that this trend will continue in the future.

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