What is Gorgon definition definition/concept

In the context of Greek mythology, a gorgon is an underworld being in the form of a woman . This creature is described as impressive in appearance: snakes instead of hair, large, pointed teeth like fangs, golden wings that allow them to fly, and copper claws.

In the mythological tradition, they are understood as monsters that stalk men, who, when they look into their eyes, end up petrified by the magical effect of their gaze. These creatures have extraordinary physical and mental powers and have the gift of healing. In this sense, the blood that comes from your right side is curative, but what comes from the left side is a lethal poison.

Medusa is the best known

Esteno, Euriale and Medusa are the three legendary figures. They are daughters of two sea gods, Forces and Ceto, and only one of their daughters is mortal, Medusa. In Hesiod’s accounts, it is originally said that Medusa was a being of great beauty who lived in the temple of Athena. Her attraction aroused the interest of the god Poseidon who ended up violating her. Gorgon

The goddess Athena was angry with Medusa for staining her temple and, for this reason, turned her into a monstrous being with snakes instead of hair and with a piercing gaze in which it was possible to petrify anyone who dared to look at her.

Medusa was banished to a distant land known as Hyperborea and when the goddess Athena learned she was pregnant with Poseidon she was so enraged that she sent Perseus to end her life. Perseus obeyed orders and cut off Medusa’s head while she slept. From its bloody neck were born two creatures: the horse Pegasus and the golden giant Chrysaor.

The Medusa myth is part of art history and, at the same time, an icon of the feminist movement .

other strange creatures

In addition to gods, nymphs and heroes, Greek mythology has all kinds of fantastic beings. Among them we can highlight the following creatures: centaurs, mermaids, cyclops, hecatonchires, newts or harpies. Gorgon

Centaurs have the torso of a human being and the rest of the body of a horse. Sirens are a hybrid of woman and fish. Cyclopes are giants with only one eye on their forehead. Hecatonchires are giants with many arms and heads. Newts are the male version of the mermaids. Lastly, there are women with sharp wings and claws known as harpies. Gorgon

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