What is Abscess/concept/meaning/explanation

An abscess is a collection of pus located in the skin or deep tissue, which can even be located inside the organs. Abscesses are due to infection of some tissue by bacteria or parasites, the former being the most frequent. Pus is a substance that forms as a result of defense against the bacteria causing the infection. It consists of white blood cells, microorganisms and dead tissue. What is Abscess?

Main manifestations accompanying abscesses

Infection of tissue can give rise to a mass of pus that becomes a lump or ball and can be palpated when located in superficial tissues. This lesion is usually soft, floating, and warm when touched. It is very painful and can produce general symptoms such as fever due to the immune system’s reaction against the organism causing the infection.

Often the nearest lymph nodes can grow in size and even give rise to a collection of pus, causing a disorder known as adenitis.

Deep abscesses can cause serious problems such as sepsis or generalized infection when they present in people with weakened immune systems, such as those who receive chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer, suffer from illnesses such as AIDS, or receive immunosuppressive treatment. from diseases such as asthma, arthritis, lupus or being a transplant recipient. What is Abscess?

What is the best course of action when dealing with an abscess?

Depending on the patient ‘s location and defense system, treatment may be based solely on the use of antibiotic medications taken or given intravenously.

In some cases, surgery can be performed to open the abscess and drain its contents, especially when they occur in places that generate compression of vital structures, such as in the case of brain abscesses or when they affect certain organs such as the liver. In both cases, a relatively frequent causative agent is Entamoeba histolytica, the same parasite that causes amoebiasis. What is Abscess?

The drainage of abscesses must be performed by a health professional and accompanied by the use of antibiotics to prevent another type of tissue infection, known as cellulitis , from occurring . In the case of abscesses located on the face near the nose, it is possible that their manipulation can cause the microorganisms to migrate to the skull, causing brain abscesses or thrombosis of the venous sinuses that surround the brain . What is Abscess?

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