What is Quality of Life definition/concept

It is not easy to define precisely what quality of life is. This difficulty has a logical expression : each person has their own criteria in relation to this idea. It is a general term that applies to life in relation to each individual’s perception. It is an eminently ambiguous and subjective notion. The same idea of ​​quality is debatable.

However, we can establish a kind of general scheme that serves as a reference in relation to this concept.

In order to have a minimum quality of life, it is essential that a person has basic needs met, such as food , housing and some financial stability. There is also another essential aspect: being healthy, as without this it is really difficult to achieve quality of life.

The distribution of time is also a determining factor. If a person earns a lot of money working 12 hours a day 6 times a week, it is meaningless to say that this person has quality of life.

Likewise, the idea of ​​pleasure is essential for people. We have unavoidable obligations , commitments of all kinds and, at the same time, moments of leisure and fun. In fact, the latter have a special value, as they provide people with quality of life.

Although this concept has a clear subjective component , there are some attempts to objectify it. In sociology, it is proposed to measure the quality of life of nations. For this, a series of measurable parameters is presented, such as per capita income, kilometers of road, number of doctors per inhabitant, consumption of certain foods and a series of data. With this analysis, it is possible to have an approximate idea of ​​the level of quality of life in a country.

There are totally opposite questions related to the meaning of a quality life. Some people believe that luxury, comfort and gourmet pleasures are elements that define an authentic quality of life. On the other hand, there are those who believe that simpler habits and living without ties is the ideal model.

Finally, we can say that this concept reflects an external and superficial image. This vision is based on a prototype of a rich man: carefree, surrounded by luxury, sailing on his yacht, all in an environment of pure and exclusive pleasure.

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