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Meanings of dreaming that you are pregnant

If we are not going to be moms, why do we dream about it? Depending on the meaning of dreams, it can happen for various reasons. First of all, dreaming that you are pregnant without being pregnant can be a reflection of your desire to be a mother soon. In addition, dreaming of a pregnancy is very common in women who are planning to become mothers or who have been trying to get pregnant for a while. Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

The meaning of pregnancy dreams, according to Sigmund Freud, would be interpreted as your unconscious showing you one of your greatest wishes at that time or the fulfilled hope of finally being a mother. But there are more interpretations related to this dream.

1. Changes in your life

A pregnancy and the fact of becoming a mother is a great change and responsibility in the life of every woman. Therefore, dreaming that you are pregnant without being pregnant has to do with the desire to carry out certain changes in one or more areas of your life.

It can indicate that the time has come to do something different or that you want to do something that was pending in the past because it did not seem right or it was too risky an idea. In this case, your unconscious may be telling you that it is the perfect time to do what you always wanted to do, fulfill your dreams, start a new project, change your lifestyle, change jobs, start a family …

2. Stage of maturity and personal growth

When the fact of being pregnant frequently invades your dreams, it can be related to your maturity and personal growth. Your dreams would reflect your concern about becoming an adult and entering a stage where you have to take care of many more things. Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

In this new stage, your maturity can no longer be an option, but a reality that you must accept and assume as best as possible. Perhaps the time has come for you to rethink your goals in life and make the necessary changes to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true .

3. Meaning of dreams with own pregnancy Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

Another meaning of dreams with a pregnancy, according to some theories related to this symbolism, can be related to some emotions that were hidden in the subconscious but, with the passage of time, have been emerging. Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

On the other hand, dreaming of your own pregnancy can have different interpretations depending on the characteristics of the dream and how we feel in it. In this way, it can indicate both the desire to be a mother and the beginning of new creative projects .

4. Dreaming that you are pregnant and you don’t want to

Many women have ever dreamed of an unwanted pregnancy. It is news that they receive in dreams like a jug of cold water. They do not take it too well and therefore cannot accept it in any way.

In this case, dreaming that you are pregnant can reveal that fear or fear that something in your current life is causing you. However, it can also be the reflection of a feeling of denial towards a specific fact in your life that you must face and that you would like to avoid by all means. This situation may be causing you stress, anguish or anxiety. Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

5. Dreaming that you are pregnant with a boy or a girl

Many women claim to dream about the sex of their baby, that is, that in their dream they manage to see if it is a girl or a boy. Well, this may be related to the strong desire to be a mother and to know the sex of your baby as soon as possible. However, contrary to what many people think, it does not have to be a premonitory dream . Rather, it is just a woman’s desire to be the mother of a specific boy or girl.

6. Dreaming of a twin pregnancy Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

The meaning of dreams with twins is often interpreted with a feeling of distress due to the complications that can arise during childbirth or after giving birth. But it does not always have to be related to pregnancy, it can also be a reflection of the concerns generated by the difficulties or problems that future projects may entail . Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

7. Dreaming that you are pregnant and feeling the baby

Dreaming of a pregnancy in which you can feel the baby could mean several things: on the one hand, it is a symbol that you begin to be aware of your feelings and emotions, of those feelings buried in your subconscious.

On the other hand, the belly is related to the deepest and most visceral emotions , so dreaming that you are pregnant and feeling that something moves inside you, can indicate that these emotions are beginning to surface.

8. Dream that you give birth Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

Dreaming that you give birth symbolizes changes, the beginning of new projects. If the delivery is good, the project will prosper and will bring us benefits . On the other hand, if complications appear during the delivery, it could be a sign that problems are occurring. Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream

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