What is Fine Arts/meaning/concept/elaboration

The plastic arts can be defined as the set of activities of a graphic or plastic nature, with which the human being reflects his vision of reality through a work, which he needs sight or touch to be appreciated. Fine Arts

Although the definition of visual arts traditionally includes the use of malleable materials by artists who create their works, this definition is now outdated and presents a broader range of activities. For a work to be considered a plastic art, it must be tangible , that is, be real, visible and palpable.

This allows that, in addition to the disciplines considered by the fine arts, others that are unknown are also part of this field at the moment.

Traditionally, it is considered the existence of only three types of plastic arts: painting, sculpture and architecture

However, this perception has been changing over time, as with the development of new techniques and certain technological advances, new forms of artistic expression have emerged .

The beginning of the 19th century had several types of plastic arts, including: painting, sculpture, drawing , engraving, mural painting, ceramics, goldsmithery and handicraft, later other artistic manifestations also had space to the point to include others not so conventional as cinema , photography or digital art. Modern art and its versatility of materials and concepts have also revolutionized this field.

This is basically because the plastic arts are based on principles common to the immensity of artistic disciplines. Principles such as theories of color, psychology and perception, design elements, concepts of proportion and composition are at the root of each of the disciplines.

Based on this, artists use different methods to give shape to their ideas, although these methods are clearly delimited

There is an increasing tendency to use different disciplines and methods at the same time to create unique works with their own personality .

It is not strange to find more and more multidisciplinary artists considering that, through the mastery of different techniques and knowledge of countless materials, they raise the name of plastic arts to a higher level.

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