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Connecting with yourself is not only important, but it is a fundamental and essential practice. During this practice it is essential to look for our feminine energy, that force that escapes from the physical world and that, on many occasions, many women leave behind. We talk about wanting, attracting, wanting and being through a receptive, seductive, nurturing and calm energy.

Thanks to enhancing the energy present in our inner forum we can be able to change everything. On this occasion, at oneHOWTO we want to talk to you about empowerment focused on creation and love. Therefore, we are going to give you the keys to help you understand what feminine energy is and how to work it to enhance your best qualities. Discover the power that is within you!

What is feminine energy

Feminine energy is a frequency, a universal vibration present in both the physical and spiritual planes. It is an energy that is present in everything and everyone , regardless of gender and corresponds to the creative divinity of everything. This feminine energy is connected to the feminine vital force and can only be strengthened through a state of consciousness, so it is important to work on it to promote it properly.

We can define feminine energy as the ability to create life through love and the most intense and deep power of your being. It is a force that surrounds you, that illuminates your path and that transforms you day by day. It is about that self-love that, on many occasions, we leave forgotten in order to pay attention to other planes of life or even to other people that we have decided to prioritize.

It is true that any human being has feminine and masculine energy , regardless of gender and sex, and both must be in balance since they are part of the universe and creation, which allows the creation of a whole. That is why knowing and understanding both forces allows you to increase your balance and well-being.

When we talk about feminine energy (Shakti) we refer to the creative, receptive, intuitive and reflective energy, the one that gestates and inspires, while the masculine (Shiva) is rational, competitive and impulsive, the one that needs to do and give.

How to work feminine energy

Feminine energy is essential to be able to carry out female empowerment. If we forget ourselves, abandon ourselves or relegate ourselves, we are rejecting this energy and all its power. And we are not referring to the aesthetic part, nor to any concept to which the adjective “feminine” is attributed, but on a much deeper level, which moves away from roles or stereotypes.

Working the feminine energy is keeping it in balance , the so-called Shakti and Shiva, Ying and Yang, Night and Day, Moon and Sun. And it is that although many of us keep in mind that masculine energy is mental energy, of rationality, duty, obligations or competition, many times we totally abandon our feminine side, which makes us feel strange or out of place.

To enhance feminine energy it is essential to connect with it , with intuition, creativity, inspiration, communication, cooperation… But it is also flow. But how to keep in touch with your feminine energy? Here are some activities that will help you work on your Shakti:

walk or wander

Choose a route that you like, with which you feel comfortable, or simply start walking. Feel the nature , what surrounds you. Take this time for yourself, to disconnect and relax. Walk or stroll without the need to get anywhere or with a set time. Leave your frantic side, move away from a goal and do not think that there is an end, but just enjoy the way. Let yourself go.

Through this simple activity you will be able to connect with the Earth through your steps , but also through sounds, smells, air or the sun… Connect with all of this and let your feminine energy emerge.


Another perfect activity to be able to work the feminine energy is to write. As we have pointed out, our Shakti is related to communication and creativity, so writing is an excellent way to connect with your inner self . Write about your dreams, about what you have experienced during the day. Write to your present self or to your future self.

Writing is the most effective tool to connect with yourself, because through it you will be able to discover things about yourself that perhaps you did not remember or of which you were not aware. It shouldn’t make sense, you just have to let the words flow on paper and reveal what you have inside .


Another good activity that also encourages creativity is painting. You don’t have to know how to draw , you just have to connect with your inner self and let the brushes, your pencil, your charcoal or the element you want to use speak for you. What does the style of painting or your knowledge matter, it is just a method that allows you to get in touch with your inner self. If you want to start in this way of relaxation and meditation, you can try painting mandalas.

Take a bath… Or a shower

Dedicate a few minutes to yourself to relax and connect with your emotional part. Water represents emotions and can help cleanse and purify them. Prepare this moment for yourself, adding dim lighting, candles, incense and relaxing music.

Get into the bathtub or under the stream of water from the shower and feel it, connect with it and let it take away the bad, renew you and clean you inside and out. This activity will help eliminate internal heaviness by relieving the densest emotions and feelings and putting your feminine energy at the center.


Nobody is watching you: dance. Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Play music and move. It doesn’t matter how you do it . Feel free, feel your wild side, the one that lives inside you. With or without rhythm. It doesn’t matter because there are no rules. It’s about connecting with that creative part, letting your hair down and feeling more powerful than ever. Connecting with your feminine energy through music will relax you, empower you, and make you look radiant and happier.

connect with your body

Listen to your body and its needs and attend to it properly. Stop for a moment and interpret the signs it is giving you, especially when something is not going well in your life or when you are not 100% aligned with your soul. When you listen to the needs, you will begin to live from the divine consciousness that feminine energy provides you and you will be able to put yourself in the center, without objections or fears.

Create moments of peace

Look for moments of relaxation , moments in which tranquility, contemplation, stillness and meditation reign , as this will allow you to activate your feminine energy and your spiritual role. Feel your inner voice from the calm and silence.

feel your emotions

Allow yourself to feel your emotions and do not run away from your feelings, otherwise you will be disconnecting from your feminine energy. Release your emotions either with a therapist or with your closest circle. Flow and let your feminine side flow with you.

honor your intuition

Intuition is sacred and means: knowing without knowing how you know. Intuition goes beyond logical reasoning and the mental plane. It is that sixth sense that reveals itself and transcends through different forms. Trust those impulses, honor them and listen to them and you will see how everything else will turn in your favor.

do what makes you happy

Through any activity you can connect and work your feminine energy. It’s about doing what makes you happy and allows you to dedicate time to yourself. Whether it’s listening to your favorite song or music for a few minutes, reading a book, cooking, singing, exercising…

The fundamental thing to work your feminine energy is to take care of yourself and pamper yourself, get to know yourself better and give yourself the chance to do what you really want to do . Without fear, without suspicion, without frustration, without complexes… Recovering Shakti will allow you to feel connected, complete, free and happy. Now you just have to ask yourself: with what activity do you think you connect best?

How to balance feminine and masculine energy

Balancing both complementary energies allows us to truly manifest what we desire. And it is that, both the feminine and the masculine energy are two polarities of the same thing and, sometimes, they can be in conflict when we try to eliminate the existence of any of them from our being. Denying this duality within us unbalances us and causes us to suppress our true potential, while seeking a balance between both energies allows us to learn and grow much more deeply.

But what does this imbalance mean? What is masculine energy in a woman? Imagine that you enhance your masculine energy more. Probably in this case you tend to rationalize everything that happens around you, without paying much attention to the spiritual plane and disconnecting from your emotions. The important thing is to ensure that both energies coexist in balance as action and essence, mind and heart should do, because one without the other makes no sense .

Being aligned with both energies is favorable for you and will allow you to feel much better, which is essential to face life. Without the introspective part that feminine energy provides you, you will not be able to know who you are, what you want or where you want to go. But without the action that masculine energy gives you, you will not be able to activate yourself to be able to achieve what you want. The goal is not to be a passive being waiting for things to happen, but to identify what you want to happen and go for it .

To keep the energies in balance it is important to detect which of them is most present in you . Ask yourself why and then allow the other energy to gain ground as well until you are both in tune.

Yoga to balance feminine and masculine energy

If you are still wondering how to balance feminine energy, you should know that one of the best physical activities that allows you to connect with your feminine energy and maintain balance with masculine energy is yoga . Through this practice you will be able to balance both energies and meet them again .

For example, through yoga you can activate your masculine side with more intense practices, while you can promote your feminine side through meditation and enhancing your more spiritual side.

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