What is Ephemeral definition/concept

There is a Latin phrase that expresses the ephemeral concept very well: tempus fugit. This term means ‘time flees’ or ‘time flies’. Therefore, when we say that things are ephemeral we mean that they refer to time, more specifically the speed of events. Ephemeral

the temporal value of existence

We live in two coordinates: space and time. Everything changes constantly and the present becomes the past. Ignoring this temporal dimension is impossible. On the other hand, time is something that we live subjectively (we say that an instant seems eternal to us). Consequently, we have the psychological feeling that time flies in our hands and we cannot control it. Based on this subjective sensation, we say that time is ephemeral and this gives us a feeling of emptiness and strangeness.

Ideas and reflections on the passage of time

The experience of time as something ephemeral invites us to a philosophical reflection in the same way that many thinkers have done throughout history. Christian thinkers have reflected time as something linear: a beginning and an end. Some pre-Socratic philosophers treated the ephemeral concept as something linked to time or evolution . Other philosophers have related time to motion. Some have even claimed that space and time are not real.

On the other hand, some scientists were already asking about the time before the creation of the world. For some religious traditions, time repeats itself permanently and that is why the idea of ​​eternal return is talked about. There are currents that see time as something real, so there is an entity independent of the human mind.

The sense of time in everyday life is marked by the clock, schedules and obligations . However, temporality is a problematic and complex issue, as it is related to matter, movement, perception , space and inner experience.

The most varied approaches associated with time highlight in one way or another the speed of time (ephemeral) creates in our mind a series of opposing ideas (realistic versus idealist, time as something linear or cyclical idea, among others).

In addition to reflections on time, the fact of experiencing life as being ephemeral can have consequences. A person may think that it is necessary to make the most of each moment because the pleasure of the present moment can soon disappear (this is the maxim of the famous carpe diem). On the contrary, it can provoke a passive attitude and a certain indifference, since there is no point in worrying about something because this concern is gradually diminishing.

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