What is Ephemeral in Botany and Ephemeral art


Ephemeral means fleeting, of short duration . The word, as such, comes from the Greek ἐφήμερος ( ephémeros ), which means ‘what only lasts one day’.

Hence, in general, the term is associated with everything that is temporary, transitory, fleeting, that passes very quickly.

The ephemeral nature of life is an expression widely used to remind us that life is fleeting, and that, for this reason, it is essential that each moment be lived intensely.

In philosophy , it is considered everything that is shown to be irrelevant, without depth , superficial and without foundation.

It is also related to ephemeral watercourses , formed from heavy rainfall or snowmelt phenomena, forming lakes, streams, or rivers that only last a few days.

For its part, an ephemeral success is the one that is obtained for a short period of time and experienced by some artists, such as singers, who hit a single song; authors who write a single novel, or even strangers who become celebrities through social networks, and whose success is only momentary.

Synonyms are: brief, fleeting, momentary, passenger, perishable. While antonyms would be: durable and permanent.

In English , it can be translated as ephemeral . For example: ​“ Fashion is an ephemeral art ”.

It is also called the cachipolla , an insect that lives on the banks of the water and that barely lives a day, hence its name.

In Botany

For Botany, the term is used to designate flowers that wither the same day they bloom. Likewise, it also refers to plants whose life cycle is very short, some of which flower more than once a year, while others only flower in years of heavy rains.

Ephemeral art

It is known to certain artistic practices conceived to generate a momentary aesthetic effect, not lasting , and that once occurred, disappear forever. This means that ephemeral art does not leave a lasting work , unless it is filmed or photographed, or that its work loses validity or validity, and therefore is no longer considered as such.

They can be considered forms of ephemeral art: performance, installation, happening, flashmob, graffiti, fashion, hairdressing, perfumery, gastronomy, fireworks and body art .

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