What is Field Research definition/concept

Field research  is used to extract data and information directly from reality through the use of collection techniques such as interviews or surveys to respond to some situation or problem previously addressed.

What type of research is carried out?

One of the most problematic fields among researchers is choosing which type of investigation is right for each case. These conflicts stem from the fact that there is no single procedure, but that, depending on the particular characteristics of each field research , different descriptions are used.

For example, among the most used is the experimental design , which consists of submitting the object of study to a series of processes controlled by the researcher so that they can accurately use the effects that each process or variable caused on the object of study.

Evidently this way of working is not applied in the case of social studies, from which other descriptions of alternative research have been developed.

Thus, surveys are those that collect the opinions of the population through simple questions or by describing a panel with repeated and regular questions over time to observe the evolution of the sample group. There are two techniques most used in field research carried out in the social sciences.

Therefore, we can indicate which are the objects of study that determine the description of the field research, and the investigator has to choose the most appropriate way to reach the determined objectives.

Field research steps

All field research must address the problem it wants to solve and whether it can be carried out in the right way and within the correct time frame.

Thus, the exploratory stage begins, which investigates the terrain and exposes the project’s limitations such as time, budget and object of study.

From this, instruments used to collect data are built (surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc.), through which they provide information that is analyzed in detail and from which it will be possible to extract a provisional index.

With this comes the time to write a draft to discuss with other specialists before the last stage of the field research, thus, the final text is concluded with the supporting content through maps, photographs, statistical tables, etc.

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