What is Adversity/meaning/concept/elaboration

Adversity is an abstract concept that can be defined as the quality of adverse. Therefore, it refers to something or someone who is in the opposite or unfavorable way, as is the case of a situation that is difficult to overcome.

Usually this term is associated with events or situations in which misfortune or misfortune play a very important role.

Face adversity

It has its origins in several sources. On certain occasions, situations arise that are caused by a person’s behavior , but in many other cases, adversity appears as a result of chance in the form of accidents or unexpected illnesses.

Faced with these situations, there are those who prove inoperative, who let themselves be carried away by the moment and are unable to fight to try to overcome the trials that lie in their path. Others, however, take a totally opposite stance and grow in the face of adversity. Instead of getting lost in the situation, they show themselves strong and face events head-on and against adversity, always trying to do something to reverse the situation at hand.

The questions addressed by these people do not seek to explain the root of their suffering, but rather to know what to do to overcome this situation. Evidently, for each case there are different answers, some are more patient and constant, others trust the actions of others or simply change their attitude when dealing with certain issues. Either way, overcoming adversity is one of the biggest challenges a human being can have.

Phrases about It

Many thinkers and philosophers left sentences that mention these adversity situations faced by different men, as well as the attitude of each. So the Baron de Montesquieu said: “Adversity is our mother; prosperity is just a stepmother.”

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