What is Star of David definition/concept

All religions have some symbol that represents them. In the case of Judaism, the symbol is formed by the union of two equilateral triangles that make up a six-pointed star and a regular hexagram in the center. This element is known as the Star of David.

It represents Judaism as a whole and all its branches, the orthodox, the reformist, the conservative, the reconstructionist, among others.

The philological and historical origin

The Hebrews name the Star of David with the words Maguen David, which means shield of David. In this sense, it should be noted that in Jewish tradition, God chose Saul as king, but after his death the new king was David, a humble shepherd who had demonstrated his courage by defeating the giant Goliath. Star of David

Then the Star of David was adopted by Arab culture , also known as the Seal of Solomon, as Solomon was the king who succeeded King David. He described the Song of the Letters or the Song of Solomon, a sacred text that is part of the Tanaj, the Hebrew Bible made up of 24 books.

According to most scholars, the two interlocking triangles represent a biblical verse that is highly valued among the Jews.

The verse says more specifically “I belong to my beloved and my beloved is mine”, in it the intimate relationship between God and humanity is appreciated . But this is not the only interpretation of the Star of David, as some consider the two triangles to symbolize Heaven and Earth (one triangle points up and the other down). Another interpretive option states that the six points of the interlocking stars equal the number 6, a number that has symbolic and mathematical meaning.

In other cultures and in the esoteric world

In addition to representing Judaism, the symbol of the two stars combined has been used by other cultures, such as Hindu and Chinese. In ancient Babylon, the same symbol also appears. This circumstance provoked all kinds of reflections and hypotheses. Overall, the Star of David is valued as a symbol that represents power, as well as expressing the balance between humans and also the wisdom and light that guides us in darkness. Star of David

These interpretations have a mysterious component and therefore the Star of David is part of esoteric symbolism, in this sense, the two triangles are considered the essence of a Cosmic Being.

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