What is Star of David History meaning and representations

Star of David

The Star of David or six-pointed Star has several interpretations. In addition, the hexagram is the main symbol of the Jewish religion.

Currently, the ‘Six-pointed Star’ is a symbol attributed primarily to Jewish tradition and features at the center of Israel’s national flag. The official meaning given to this hexagram is “new beginnings for Israel”.

To clarify, this symbol was originally chosen by the Jewish religion in 1345. However, the six-pointed star dates from even earlier times and is associated with the biblical King David, who led the tribes of Israel to find new lands in Jerusalem.

The symbol was then adopted by David’s son, King Solomon, although the design was slightly altered so that the lines of the triangles overlap. This symbol is therefore also known as the Seal of Solomon, although it has more or less the same symbolic meaning as the Star of David.

What does the Star of David or six-pointed Star represent?

Many believe that it is the shape of King David’s shield or the symbol he used to decorate the shields he used in battle. However, there is no record that shows that this assumption is correct. Some scholars give the Star of David a deep theological significance, because they say that the upper triangle points upwards towards God and the other triangle points downwards towards the real world.

Others say that the three sides of the Star of David represent the three types of Jews: Kohanim, Levites and Israelites. Whatever the meaning of the Star of David, it symbolizes the strength of an important biblical figure. Therefore, the Jews adopted it as well. Thus, in the 17th century, the Star of David was a popular way to identify Jewish synagogues or temples.

Furthermore, the hexagram, because of its geometric symmetry, has been a popular symbol in many cultures since early times. Anthropologists claim that the triangle pointing downwards represents female sexuality, and the triangle pointing upwards, male sexuality; thus, their combination symbolizes unity and harmony. In alchemy, the two triangles symbolize fire and water. Thus, together, they represent the reconciliation of opposites.

Why is this symbol associated with the occult ?

Scholars say that the hexagram or Seal of Solomon was used as a talisman for the worship of Saturn. This fragment is particularly interesting as NASA has already found a hexagram-shaped vortex in Saturn’s atmosphere. Saturn worship was later adapted to Satan worship by the Christian Church and used as propaganda against pagans who preferred not to follow the path of Christ.

Given that the Church still uses pagan symbols , New World Order researchers have turned the tables and labeled the Church – and Masonic lodges – as devil worshippers.

The reality is that the symbolic meaning of the Star of David / Seal of Solomon is used to represent all duality. The ancients said that, according to the natural laws of the universe , everything that exists must have an exact opposite – the law of duality. That is, finally, the Star of David is also seen as a symbol that means good and evil.

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