Prepositional Phrases with formation and Illustration

Prepositional Phrases

The prepositional phrases [prepositional phrases] are the combination of prepositions and other sentence elements. We use them as adjectives, adverbs of time or place, noun phrases, or verbs of two objects. Prepositional Phrases with formation

A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun, a pronoun, or a noun phrase (the object of the preposition ).

Prepositional phrases give us more information about the word (s) they describe.

For example:

  1. Joe dived into the water
  2. They sat in the old green car
  3. The men are working for the money
  4. Don’t shout at me
  5. Put the vase by the window
  6. Let’s look at the new photos
  7. Benny met the kids from school
  8. The painting of the sunset is beautiful
  9. The dog jumped over the fence
  10. He came to the house late at night
  11. Can you help me with my homework?
  12. Before going out, clean your room

Formation of Prepositional Phrase

prepositional phrase consists of the combination of a preposition with another element (noun, pronoun, gerund …) of the sentence. Prepositional Phrases with formation

Prepositional phrases have these structures:

1-Preposition + noun

atunder, and on.

  • She works at home.
  • The meeting is at 7, I hope that she arrives on time.
  • The shop is under the bridge .

2-Preposition + pronoun

withto, and from 

  • I received the information from him.
  • I am telling this to everybody.
  • You can come to the supermarket with me. 

3-Preposition + gerund

withoutafter, and before.

  • I always go to work after watching television.
  • I usually eat breakfast before going to school.
  • He left the house without listening to his mum.

Usage of Adjective Phrase

prepositional phrase is used in many different ways in a  sentence.

  1. As an adjective (answer the question Which one?);
  2. An adverb of time or place (answers questions like How? When? Or Where?);
  3. As a nominal phrase;
  4. With two-object verbs. Prepositional Phrases with formation

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