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Numeral adjectives with examples in sentences

Numeral adjectives

We call numeral adjectives to those words that accompany the noun indicating quantity or position. They are also part of the determinative adjectives and are of four classes: cardinal, ordinal, multiples and partitive. Numeral adjectives with examples

As you know, adjectives are a class of words that modifies the noun, describes it, says things about it. When we speak of numeral adjectives we refer to the information about the quantities of a noun. An example might be “there are five cows and eight horses on the farm.”

Types of numeral adjectives

1-Cardinal numeral adjectives

They are those adjectives that indicate the precise number of people or things that act as the subject of a sentence, using natural numbers. For example: five cats, forty-two apples, three hundred warriors, etc.

2-Ordinal numeral adjectives

They are those adjectives that indicate the position in time and space of a subject or thing. They indicate order or succession. For example: first place, third place, fourteenth amendment, last class, etc.

3-Numeral adjectives multiples

Also called multiplicatives, they are adjectives that proportionally modify the number of times the noun is multiplied. For example: double ration, triple jump, quintuple room , etc.

The most frequently used multiple adjectives are the first ones ( double , triple , quadruple , fivefold ), and when the multiplication is higher, the cardinal ones are usually used (for example: it is nine times higher).

4-Partitive numeral adjectives

Also called fractional, are those adjectives that indicate division or fractionation in the unit of the noun. Examples: quarter of a liter, tenth part, half a day, etc.

Sometimes ordinal adjectives can be confused with partitives, for example, we say “one-tenth part”, and also “reached the tenth denomination. The first case is partitive, and the second is ordinal. If we pay attention we will not get confused.

Examples of numeral adjectives

Cardinal numeral adjectives

Examples of cardinal adjectives are natural numbers: one , two , three , five , nine , fifteen , sixteen , twenty-four , thirty , fifty-two , one hundred , one hundred and ten , two hundred , seven hundred , one thousand , fifteen thousand , two million .

Ordinal numeral adjectives

The following are ordinal numeral adjectives: first , second , third , third , fifth , sixth , eighth , tenth , eleventh (11), twenty-second (22), fiftieth or fiftieth (50), hundredth (100), etc.

Numeral adjectives multiples

Multiple numeral adjectives are double , triple , quadruple , quintuple , sevenfold , eightfold , tenfold , elevenfold , twelvefold , hundredfold , etc.

Partitive numeral adjectives

They are as follows: half , half , third , fourth , fifth , sixth , seventh , eighth , ninth , tenth , eleventh or eleventh , twelfth , fourteenth , fifteenth , twentieth or twentieth , fifty- sixth , hundredth , hundred thousandth , millionth , etc.

Examples of sentences 

  1. We were four boys in search of adventure.
  2. Ramón counted forty-seven ripe mangoes on the tree .
  3. That city has at least twelve million inhabitants.
  4. Missing twenty days left in the year.
  5. There are more than forty thousand deaths due to the pandemic.
  6. Francisco wants two loaves and Luisa wants an apple.
  7. It takes twelve trucks to fill that area.
  8. Milena tried to eat fifteen grapes in one fell swoop.
  9. González won by thirty-two thousand votes.
  10. Elías is exchanging two pencils for a pencil sharpener.
  11. There were five hundred horsemen riding across the plain.
  12. We sold the console for four hundred pesos.
  13. Juan Miguel will be given five chances to hit the mark.
  14. There are a hundred orange trees in that field.
  15. Rodrigo is forty-three years old.
  16. The new library already has 25,000 cataloged books.
  17. Three herons were flying over the lagoon.
  18. The city will soon reach three hundred thousand inhabitants.
  19. Elvira walked fifteen miles before setting up camp.
  20. He has not yet read the Thousand and One Nights , or One Hundred Years of Solitude .

Examples of sentences 

  1. Gustavo arrived first .
  2. They are the first humans in that area of ​​Antarctica.
  3. That film is considered a work of the seventh art.
  4. The fifth boy turned out to be Pablo.
  5. Mariana wants to celebrate her twenty-second birthday on the beach.
  6. China is the second largest economy in the world, still.
  7. Francisco was left out for the hundredth time.
  8. It is the last horse to enter the paddock.
  9. Raúl and Eliana are in the eleventh row.
  10. It is Mariana’s turn to enter the third shift.
  11. On the third day he rose again.
  12. We are looking for a second place because the first one did not work out.
  13. He is on his 102nd birthday, and he is still bright and cheerful.
  14. They are awaiting the arrival of their ninth grandchild.
  15. He was on his thirty-fifth lap when the engine overheated.
  16. The first strawberries are for Carolina.
  17. Pedro wants a second opinion. Numeral adjectives with examples
  18. That small nation is the eighth largest cassava producer in the world.
  19. Luis became the fiftieth commander of that battalion.
  20. His team is seeking the title for the fourth time.

Examples of sentences 

  1. Carlos is going to win double day this Monday.
  2. Few horses have won the Triple Crown.
  3. Ana’s was a fivefold birth .
  4. The harvest produced six times the grain, compared to previous years.
  5. We need to make a fourfold effort to reach the goal.
  6. There will be a double session tonight.
  7. In December that store sells the number of toys.
  8. Meats are three times as expensive in that trade.
  9. During the pandemic we had to do tenfold of duties.
  10. My hair is four times as long.
  11. Morelia outdid herself with that triple jump.
  12. With her leg injury, it takes Irene twice as long to get here.
  13. The pine is five times high since we last came.
  14. At the top of Roraima we walked to the triple border.
  15. In January we will have quadruple work.

Examples of sentences 

  1. Ramón can feel if you added a millionth of sugar.
  2. Half the town stared at the game. Numeral adjectives with examples
  3. Emilio is going to buy a quarter of that land.
  4. They didn’t give us a tenth of what they offered.
  5. Caesar says that with a thousandth of your fortune he would live like a king.
  6. Leonor is Laurita’s half- sister.
  7. They are going to give Manuel a third of the profits.
  8. Half a book has been read in an afternoon.
  9. We are less than a millionth of the galaxy.
  10. Carmen swears she’s Orlando’s better half .
  11. I have a fourteenth part of Basque blood.
  12. The Chinese are one fifth of humanity.
  13. One- thirtieth of the budget will go to education.

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