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Cardinal adjectives with examples in sentences

Cardinal adjectives

The adjectives cardinal are those who tell you how much of a name or noun. Remember that adjectives are words that modify the noun, giving it some kind of quality or characteristic. Cardinal adjectives with examples

The cardinal adjective expresses a precise quantity of the noun that it accompanies. They are part of the group of numeral adjectives. Examples of cardinal adjectives are one, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, etc.

Cardinal adjectives correspond directly to numbers, that is why they are called cardinal numeral adjectives. Examples of cardinal adjectives are:




Two thousand



Hundred thousand


One hundred

Five hundred thousand


Four hundred

One million


Five hundred

Five hundred million


One thousand

A billion

Examples of sentences with cardinal adjectives

  1. I made zero friends during the pandemic.
  2. Juan and Maritza are going to buy two ice creams on the corner.
  3. The solar system has one sun and eight planets.
  4. Before there were nine planets, but they took out Pluto.
  5. In 2019 there were seven thousand seven hundred million inhabitants in the world .
  6. Paula wants to get twenty points on that exam .
  7. Cervantes wrote twelve short novels.
  8. We all need to sleep at least eight hours a day to be in good health.
  9. A year has three hundred and sixty-five days.
  10. The teacher gave an extension to turn in the homework.
  11. Between Madrid and Buenos Aires there are ten thousand thirty-nine kilometers of distance.
  12. If there is a suspicion of Covid-19, they can quarantine you for fifteen days.
  13. You can only take out five toys.
  14. Leonor needs three hundred euros to market.
  15. For the vacation plan there are forty boys.
  16. A day has twenty – four hours. Cardinal adjectives with examples
  17. Ten elephants swayed on a spider’s web.
  18. The United States of America is a country divided into fifty states.
  19. We saw sixty pigeons in the park, and also three squirrels.
  20. Ramón has two brothers and five sisters.
  21. An apartment in Buenos Aires can cost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
  22. The soccer game lasts ninety minutes.
  23. Socrates lived 2,400 years ago.
  24. A soccer game has two halves and a baseball game has nine innings.
  25. Carla has two cats as pets.

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