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Multiple adjectives with examples in sentences

Multiple adjectives

The adjectives multiples are a kind of word that indicates how many times to multiply the amounts of the noun; They are one of the types of numeral adjectives, which in turn belong to the general category of adjectives. Multiple adjectives with examples

In general, adjectives modify the noun, that is, they say what an object, animal or person is like. As for multiple adjectives, these are words that accompany the noun and express the number of times it is multiplied. Those most used in Spanish are: double, triple, quadruple.

Double: x 2

It is said double, but it can also be said double or double, and it means that the noun is two times greater than something, as in “double turn”, “double joy”, “double annotation”, “double game“.

Triple: x 3

The quantity expressed by the word is three times. Likewise, it is said triple, and also triple or triple, and an example would be “triple homer”, “triple point”, “triple ingredient”.

Quadruple: x 4

Quadruple, quadruple or quadruple means that the noun is multiplied 4 times: “quadruple room”, that is, it has four beds or places.

Quintuple: x 5

Fivefold, fivefold, fivefold. In this case, the times the noun is multiplied is 5 times.

Sixfold: x 6

Sixfold, sixfold and sixfold indicates that it is 6 times greater than something.

Sevenfold: x 7

Sevenfold, sevenfold, sevenfold expresses a 7 times greater quantity.

Eightfold: x 8

Eightfold, eightfold, eightfold indicates 8 times.

Nónuple / Nónuplo / Nóctuple / Nóctuple: x 9

Nónupla and nónuplo indicate that the noun is greater than 9 times than something else.

Ten / Ten: x 10

Ten and ten express that the noun is greater than 10 times.

Eleven / Eleven: x 11

This word indicates that something is greater than 11 times. Multiple adjectives with examples

Twelfth: x 12

As in the other cases, it means that something is greater than 12 times.

Cent / Cent: x 100

In this case, the noun is 100 times greater than something else.

As already mentioned at the beginning, in Spanish the use of these multiple adjectives is not very common, except for double, triple and quadruple, and perhaps even fivefold. The rest are used very rarely.

But since they exist, it is convenient to know them.

Examples of sentences

  1. If you do the summer course, you will learn twice as much .
  2. This hotel has double , triple and quadruple rooms .
  3. Brazil is a five-time champion of the Soccer World Cup.
  4. My sister had a double shift yesterday: she worked at the office and then at home.
  5. Alaska has twice the territory of Venezuela.
  6. When you do the work, you will see a triple screen.
  7. There are a hundredfold number of attendees at this meeting , compared to last week.
  8. We increased our profits by five times .
  9. In the museum there are quadruple exhibitions of Impressionist painters.
  10. We need the sevenfold of a sandwich for tonight, because there are a lot of people.
  11. Triple effort, triple win. Multiple adjectives with examples
  12. He earned a hundredfold of his salary.
  13. The cow has a quadruple stomach .
  14. Fortunately, they gave us a 5- fold room .
  15. A friend had a fivefold birth . She and her husband will have a lot of work with five newborns.
  16. I was so tired I was seeing double .
  17. This year there will be a triple gift for everyone.
  18. triple birth means that a woman had triplets.
  19. For 30 years, the minimum wage has increased sixfold .
  20. When we climb to the top of Roraima, we will visit the Triple Point , the border between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.
  21. In a laboratory, hundredfold experiments are sometimes done .
  22. The house had a double entrance.
  23. It was a very large highway, six- lane.
  24. The Triple Alliance of the Mexica allowed them to dominate all the peoples of the time.
  25. Shall we play a double game of chess?

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