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Proper Nouns examples

Proper Nouns

The proper names  are those nouns that are used to refer linguistically to people, animals, or places with a singular name, in a unique and unrepeatable way. Proper Nouns examples

The proper names by themselves should not have meaning, since by definition they are unique, with the exception of those that come etymologically from one who has it.

Why are proper names written with the initial capital letter?

In the classical era everything was written in capital letters . The lowercase is an invention based on the Carolina letter of the time of Carlo Mango, born by the need to create an easy-to-read and write alphabet. Then it was written in lower case, but the capital letter was kept to head some words; in German, all nouns, while in Spanish and other Romance languages, only proper names.

This convention dates from the twelfth century , when the capital letter marked the beginning of a chapter or paragraph and facilitated the identification of the people cited in transactions and documents. In the fifteenth century , with humanism, the use of the capitular was imposed to distinguish proper names from common ones that are the same (Rosa / Rosa). Proper Nouns examples

Proper Nouns of People

Alan Hyacinth Martinez
Alicia Jesus Mirta
Andrea Josefina Monica
Andrew Juan Nicolas
Antonia Joanna Noah
Antonio Juano Noelia
blue Julia Paula
Bartholomew Julian Pomponium
Belen Juliana Renzo
Light blue July Rodrigo
Edgardo Leandra Rodriguez
Felicia Luis Romina
Florence Louise rosary beads
Gaspar Marcelo Tato
Gerardo frames Thomas
Gimenez Mary Victor
Gonzalo Mariano Yayo
Gustavo Martin Zulema

Proper Places Nouns

Swiss Alps Andes mountains Mexico
Amazon Mekong Delta NY
Antarctica Spain Paraguay
Saudi Arabia New York State Patagonia
Argentina Europe Peru
Bali France North Pole
Bangkok Persian Gulf South Pole
Bolivia Indonesia Poland
Buenos Aires England Province of Salta
Cambodia Ireland Pampas Region
Colorado’s canyon Las Vegas Russia
Chile Ecuador line Thailand
Mexico City Liverpool Tropic of Cancer
Colombia London Washington

Proper Nouns of Cities

Allen Cappelletti Paris
Bangkok Cairo Carmen beach
Barcelona Toledo Puccoon
Berlin Lime Quito
Bogota Liverpool Rio de Janeiro
Brasilia London Rome
Buenos Aires Madrid rosary beads
Cancun Manila Jump
Caracas Mexico DF San Francisco
Cartagena New York Santiago of Chile

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