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Ordinal adjectives with examples in sentences

Ordinal adjectives

The adjectives ordinals are those accompanying the noun words serve to indicate their position in space or time. For example, ” second day”, ” eighth place”.  Ordinal adjectives with examples

As you can see, its function is to order the position of the noun. They belong to the category of numeral adjectives.

The first and third ordinals , when placed before the noun, take a shortened form, that is, they are shortened: first place, third child. It only happens with the masculine gender. In feminine it is the same.

Examples of ordinal adjectives

First (1)

Eleventh (11)

Sixty-sixth (66)

Three hundredth (300)

Second (2)

Twentieth (20)

Seventieth (70)

Forty-fifth (400)

Third (3)

Twenty Second (22)

Seventy-seventh (77)

Fifty-hundredth (500)

Bedroom (4)

Thirtieth (30)

Eightieth (80)

Sixtieth (600)

Fifth (5)

Thirty-third (33)

Eighty-eighth (88)

90th (800)

Sixth (6)

Fortieth (40)

Ninety (90)

Thousandth (1,000)

Seventh (7)

Forty-fourth (44)

Ninety-first (91)

Millionth (1,000,000)

Eighth (8)

Fifty (50)

Hundredth (100)

Billionth (1,000,000,000,000)

Ninth (9)

Fifty-fifth (55)

Hundredth second (102)

Trillionth (1,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Tenth (10)

Sixtieth (60)


Examples of sentences

  1. He missed the ball a third time and it was out .
  2. On the second day of school they were already sending homework.
  3. Raúl is going to celebrate his twenty-eighth birthday in his new country.
  4. Our team ranks third in the rankings.
  5. Manuel and Orlando were put in the fourteenth car.
  6. It is the cuadrigentésimo anniversary of the city.
  7. Laura and Silvio go to look in the second drawer, you check the first room.
  8. If you hide in the ninth tree, they will surely find you.
  9. I’m going to repeat it to you for the hundredth time: First of all, I don’t want soup.
  10. Yesterday we were on the ninetieth birthday of Marcos’ grandfather.
  11. Lucas must walk for his fiftieth lap of the sun, he has about fifty.
  12. In the thirty-second lap the Ferrari car went off the track.
  13. In the sixtieth chapter the novel begins to get interesting.
  14. Spain is the fourth largest country on the European continent.
  15. Leon will only receive the same answer for the thousandth time.
  16. This is the twelfth store we have visited since Friday.
  17. Marcela lives on the 18th floor of that building.
  18. The press is considered the fourth estate. Ordinal adjectives with examples
  19. He is the eighty-fifth monarch of that country.
  20. I was barely going for the fifth soda when they told us we should go.
  21. The game will be decided in the second half.
  22. Neptune is the eighth planet in the solar system.
  23. Look up the definition of that word in the eleventh volume of the encyclopedia.
  24. Several of those countries are considered third world.
  25. Aurora and Matías are going to start studying at the first level.

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