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Justification of a research project/Arguments/questions asked

Justification of a project

The justification of the project includes the presentation of the reasons and motives for which a project should be carried out . That is, the reasons why it is worth doing the research in the first place. Justification of a research project

It could also be said that it is the way to interest the reader in the possible results of the work and its significance or importance.

The justification is an important part of the preliminary projects when there is the possibility of accessing financing for the project or research work.

Hence, it can be said that, in a certain way, with the justification of the project, the potential impact of the research is being promoted or sold. Therefore, the justification must necessarily respond to real and well-founded possibilities.

Arguments for the justification of a project

In the justification of a project we can use a series of arguments that support, add interest or give relevance to the research that we propose to do. Here are some of the best arguments for writing a project justification. Justification of a research project

Advancement in knowledge

In this sense, we can argue that with our research we are creating a new knowledge or making a revision or correction of an established knowledge. For example: the study of a new species of mushroom with medicinal properties.

Contribution to the solution of a practical problem

The investigation may be motivated to solve a practical problem. For example: the design of a protection system for thermal resistances in water heaters, to avoid its corrosion.

Demonstration of the novel use of a technique or procedure

A project may arise as the application of a method or procedure for purposes other than those that originated it. For example: a program to record sounds from the environment that is used to record the electrical signal of the atmosphere and thus predict and analyze earthquakes. Justification of a research project

Partial contribution to a larger investigation

Sometimes a project focus encompasses just one part of a larger investigation. For example: studying the emission of X-rays from a star in a remote galaxy contributes to the study of the formation of our universe.

Questions to consider in justifying a project

What are the benefits this job will bring and why?

The benefits can be both tangible and intangible. A new product, a new technique or a medicine with better effect could be considered material benefits. Justification of a research project

On the other hand, the preservation of the environment thanks to a research project on alternative energies, or better school performance due to a new educational technology are immaterial benefits.

Who will be the beneficiaries and why?

It will always be valuable to highlight in a justification who it is who will be able to benefit from our research. These can be of different nature, for example, the inhabitants of a city, the students of the school of the locality where the research is carried out, the animals, etc.

We must take into account the real possibilities of profit. Thus, a research on a protein for the cure for all diseases is almost an impossible task. Instead, the study of a protein that is toxic to the mosquito may benefit the population that is affected by that mosquito.

What is its usefulness?

This is complemented by the question: what is this project for? For example: from a plant traditionally used in diabetes, information can be obtained on the compounds involved. Knowing this, the compounds can be produced and used on a larger scale for the treatment of this disease. Justification of a research project

Why is the research significant?

The justification is also the way to explain the importance of the research project that we want to carry out. The project can be important at different levels, depending on the area to which it is linked. For example: an investigation on the size of subatomic particles will be important for the area of ​​quantum physics, not so for literary studies.

A project that studies how breakfast influences the school performance of adolescents in a high school or college will be important for the community where this establishment is located. Probably other communities that are interested in the well-being of their young people also consider such research important. Justification of a research project

Examples of justification of a project

In the thesis Interactive didactic material to teach the students of the National Preparatory School the physical structure of a computer (hardware) , Marcela Cuapio Campos shows the following justification:

“The interest that a large part of the students shows regarding the Internet and everything that has to do with it has been key to projecting the production of didactic material through a web page.

The fact that students are presented with information in an unusual way generates in them a great willingness to know its content.

The hypertext contained in the web pages constitutes a great advantage, because, thanks to it, the student will be able to interact with the material, with which their work will not be restricted to that of a mere spectator. In addition, he can consult the information that interests him as many times as he deems necessary. “

Another example is the one presented by Denise Belén Sánchez Arriaga in her work Sustainability and its current presence in companies operating in Mexico. Here is an excerpt: Justification of a research project

“Once consumers know the true effects of purchasing decisions, they can use that information to accelerate a pace of change that benefits the environment.

Consumers will adopt more complex purchasing processes, will pay more attention when paying for a product or service, will assess whether the preservation of natural resources is truly respected (as far as possible). Therefore, companies must demonstrate genuine actions to improve the sustainability of their operations.

Companies will have to convince consumers who are increasingly skeptical of what they are offered, because more often informed people will appear that can cause changes that will affect the business world as a whole, and a new battle will arise in competitiveness business. “

In the work Expression of the G protein of the rabies virus in carrots and corn and its evaluation as an oral immunogen , Edith Rojas Anaya justifies as follows: Justification of a research project

“Rabies is a disease that generates economic losses due to the administration of pre-exposure and post-exposure vaccines, and it has a great impact on the ecology of wild animals (…).

Vaccination in developing countries is difficult due to production and administration costs. (…) It is necessary to develop new alternatives for the development of a rabies vaccine. Some of the advantages of vaccines derived from plants are the reduction of costs in production, storage, transport and distribution, in addition it is possible to administer plant tissue to humans or animals without purifying the protein of interest. “

In the thesis Comprehensive utilization of crustacean residues: evaluation of fresh fruit coatings using mixtures of chitin and chitosan obtained by means of green chemistry , prepared by Jéssica Salas Osornio, the work is justified as follows:

“Recent studies propose to develop applications of natural coatings such as chitin that is currently discarded by the shrimp industry in the form of exoskeletons and shrimp cephalothorax. (…) In this global research the utility of these coatings will be tested in two types of fruits (…). This comparison will serve to determine if the application of these biofilms is beneficial to extend the useful life of both fruits and thus propose it as another method in the conservation for its postharvest treatment, since this biofilm does not it is neither harmful nor aggressive to the environment and is easy to apply. ” Justification of a research project

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