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Contrast connectors characteristics and examples in detail

Contrast connectors

The connectors contrast are those that link – semantic and pragmatically – a member of the speech with another former member in opposing relationship. As is common for all connectors, the meaning of these give instructions that guide the inferences that are obtained from the related elements. Contrast connectors characteristics and examples

Likewise, its use helps to enrich the discourse, giving it variety and a certain sophistication. In addition, it allows the expansion of the symbolic world enclosed in the texts. This is seen in sentences like Rafael is fat but runs fast and lthough the child was tired, he did not retire from competition .

On the other hand, contrast connectors – or adversaries – are used in both oral and written speeches. The most used are adversative conjunctions (contrariety or opposition conjunctions).

E n generally used to express concessions, restrictions and exclusions that provide contextual meaning to the discursive ideas.

It should be noted that its main function is linked to two vital activities of the verbal communication process. The first is the argumentative activity in which the coherence of the statements is important.

Meanwhile, the second is the way to order the speech. This is related to the structural support of what is said and the way it is said. Contrast connectors characteristics and examples


In general, two classes of contrast connectors are distinguished. Restrictive connectors belong to the first class. In these, the fact expressed in the preceding proposition or propositions is not denied. In the sentence, Rafaela was very young, but she had extensive work experience, this particularity can be observed.

Meanwhile, when exclusive connectors are used, this negation does occur. This can be seen in: She was not silent; rather , he chatted with each of the people who were there.

On the other hand, contrast connectors can indicate an opposing relationship of different elements within a sentence. This is the case of: It is not hers, but his .

But they can also establish the relationship between independent sentences. For example: I didn’t have a lot of money. Nevertheless , he bought the best perfumes .

Uses of contrast connectors

The contrast or opposition between two linguistic units that is made by contrast connectors can have a great variety of uses. Among them the following can be mentioned:

-Contrastation of two sentences in which two facts are stated. Although these are contrary, both are reaffirmed without eliminating either of them. These can convey the idea of ​​something unexpected and surprising that differs from the above:  however , nevertheless and on the contrary .

-Opposition of two discursive entities with the elimination of one of them. In these cases, one of the sentences is denied in order to affirm the other. In this line is the contrast connector rather .

-Pure opposition between the contents of both sentences. Under these conditions, the relationship between the sentences is of the concessive type (the impossibility of fulfilling what has been expressed is expressed). Within this class are although , despite and even when , among others.



“Approaching the concept of economic development according to a specific theoretical framework often generates great controversies. On the other hand , when it is approached from the point of view of real life, it is possible to better understand its integral nature, relativity and complexity… ”( Change and growth in Latin America, 1988-1998 by Iglesias, 1999)


“No matter how old you are, if you expected life to be easier, forget about it. It may be a surprise, but life is difficult for everyone and your life will not be without difficulties, no matter how talented you are or how rich you become. ” ( 101 Things You Already Know, But You Always Forget by Zelinski, 2018) Contrast connectors characteristics and examples


“… When we know that one of the problems that life presents us has a solution, it motivates us to have the goal of solving it. However, it doesn’t take long for a person with diabetes to understand that diabetes has no cure and that it is for life. ” ( Diabetes without problems from Suárez, 2015)


“Adult education is currently one of the most dynamic fields of social education. However, it cannot be ignored that its limits with formal education are sometimes somewhat blurred, especially when it comes to activities of an academic nature. ” (Genesis of social education in Europe by Carreño, 2015)


“The formation of gametes has a great difference between males and females. Sperm are produced continuously throughout the fertile life of the male, so sperm production is continuous, let’s say there is always a fresh harvest ready to go.

Females, on the other hand , have a peculiarity: all the cell divisions that will give rise to the ovules during their entire fertile life occur in the female fetus during the third month of gestation and stop just before the last division has concluded. to give rise to the mature ovum and thus they will remain detained until the arrival of sexual maturity ”. (Destined by chance by Jiménez Sánchez, 2014)

Rather well

“It was perhaps that slow cooking that made me overlook what might be obvious to an outside observer (to you, for example): not only is the writing as extensive as the Republic, but ultimately it touches all the themes of that great and celebrated model.

But do not believe that this is an exercise in archaism in what follows. Rather , as you will soon notice if you read on, his references are decidedly modern. ” (Dialogue on the good of Leal Carretero, 2007)

Yes OK

“In the case of the complaint, rumination and criticism syndrome, the prescription of temporary displacement is a maneuver that is effective. Although there are points of agreement between the three attitudes, the three are synergized, that is to say […] they maintain a close union and strengthen each other. ” (If you want to see, learn to act from Ceberio and Watzlawick, 2010). Contrast connectors characteristics and examples

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