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Common Nouns examples and types

Common nouns

Common nouns are words that we use to name people, animals or things in a generic way, not a particular one. They vary in number (singular and plural), and sometimes also in gender (feminine, masculine, neuter). Common Nouns types and examples

For example, when we say the “table”, or the “cat”, we are not talking about a particular table or an individual cat, but a generic rectangular object with four legs, and an animal belonging to the feline family .

Common nouns, also called appellatives, indicate that the mentioned subject belongs to a larger group that shares the same characteristics, such as “boat”, “child”, “mountain”; that they become proper nouns when they are particularized, as in “Intrépido” (as the name of a ship), “Miguelito” or “Monte Roraima”.

Common nouns are often accompanied by adjectives and determiners (articles and pronouns) to specify what object, animal or thing is being talked about, as in “my blue dress ”, or “that distant mountain ”.

Types of common nouns

There are several ways to classify common nouns, and here we are going to mention at least three: countable and non-countable, concrete and abstract, and individual and collective.

1-Countable and uncountable nouns

Countable nouns are those that can be enumerated. For example: two dogs, four apples, three girls.

Uncountable nouns are those that do not accept enumeration, such as water, fire, air, etc.

2-Concrete and abstract nouns

Concrete nouns are those that actually exist, such as people, landforms, things, etc.

Abstract nouns are those that allude to concepts created by the human being and that allude to intangible things: freedom, imagination, institutionality, laws, spirit, etc.

3-Individual and collective nouns

Individual nouns are words that designate individuals, such as child, tree, law, etc.

Collective nouns include groups or groups: the flock, the collectivity, the group, the forest, the herd, etc.

4-Adjective nouns and substantive adjectives

A common noun can act as an adjective, and in that case it is referred to as an adjective noun. For example: “you’re a dog” , or “it’s an action movie ”; dog and action in these cases are nouns acting as adjectives.

An adjective can act as a common noun, and then it is spoken of as a substantive adjective. For example: “I spoke with the blonde ”, or “the tall man sings a little”.  Rubia and alto are adjectives acting as common nouns in these cases.

Examples of common nouns of things

Machine, automobile, plane, boat, building, house, farm, pencil, guitar, washing machine, kitchen, table, chair, clock, flowerpot, TV, sink, backpack, glass, plate, cup, fork, knife, slotted spoon, shelf, brick, rocking chair, book, notebook, newspaper, computer, keyboard, phone, calculator, shovel, drill, screw, flute, violin, spoon, shotgun, screwdriver, sponge, brush, window, door, tile, rope, ladder, hammer.

Examples of common animal nouns

Dog, cat, lion, horse, rabbit, tiger, chimpanzee, elephant, hen, cow, bull, rooster, deer, deer, snake, tarantula, spider, seal, sea lion, penguin, tapir, heron, macaw, dolphin, whale , tuna, howler monkey, orangutan, turpial, parrot, sparrow, pig, goat, sheep, turtle, iguana, pigeon, mouse, cockroach. Scorpion, rhinoceros, platypus, kangaroo, koala, palm bear, sparrowhawk, toucan, porcupine, lynx, puma, camel.

Examples of common clothing nouns

Robe, coat, jacket, jacket, sweater, flannel, shirt, muscular, shirt, diver, turtleneck, jacket, ruana, blouse, blúmer, panties, bikini, pants, shorts, shorts, swimsuit, dental floss, bermuda shorts , dress, shawl, gloves, shoes, jacket, sandals, stockings, socks, clogs, boots, espadrilles, cap, cap, hat, beret, strap, belt, jeans, jeans, shorts, scarf, veil, sari, stole, anorak , gloves. Common Nouns types and examples

Examples of common place nouns

Valley, mountain, hill, ravine, spring, river, peak, hillside, sea, lagoon, lake, street, city, town, metropolis, country, region, sidewalk, narrow, bay, gulf, cove, peninsula, cape, neighborhood, villa, village, castle, airport, building, hall, room, canyon, slope, canal, alley, station, terminal, stop, planet, satellite, corner, galaxy, star, avenue, boulevard, boulevard, school, gas station, hospital.

Examples of sentences with common nouns

  1. Lions , giraffes and chimpanzees are animals of African origin .
  2. Marlene wants the red dress and the long scarf .
  3. We must reach the valley and descend to the river .
  4. Leandro doesn’t want to get out of his room or out of bed .
  5. They fight all day like cats and dogs .
  6. The biscuits sweets take away your appetite .
  7. We need good boots to climb this hill .
  8. The boys are swimming in the bay . Common Nouns types and examples
  9. We needscrewdriver to fix the kitchen .
  10. We walked down the avenue looking for Juan’s building .
  11. The Gran Sabana is full of hills and tepuis .
  12. The brunette doesn’t want to tell us where the girls are .
  13. Rosa saw a heron flying over the lagoon .
  14. If the kids do their homework they can go from school to the movies .
  15. Climbing that peak has been extremely difficult.
  16. Look for the sports shoes that we are going to run down the boulevard .
  17. The square is full of children , the elderly and pigeons .
  18. The room was run down, the door and window useless.
  19. Marcos loves his dog and hates cats .
  20. Fernanda will cross the plain and climb that slope to the summit .
  21. It was good fishing , we caught catfish and trout .
  22. Alberto is reading a love novel in the living room .
  23. We went to the hardware store for nails , screws, and nuts .
  24. It was a string quartet: violins , cello and viola .
  25. Better take your raincoat because it’s going to rain.
  26. This project will benefit the community .
  27. From the boat we were able to see dolphins and flying fish .
  28. We are looking for a flat in this neighborhood .
  29. It won’t be long before the rockets return to the moon.
  30. My dog plays with the rabbit without hurting him.
  31. With a farm he would have chickens , turkeys and pigs .
  32. It is a message addressed to the group .
  33. The pandemic forces us to stay home .
  34. I want pants that match this blouse .
  35. He loves music , but he can’t stand reggaeton .
  36. They prefer to study in the library .
  37. The trees do not let you see the forest .
  38. See you at the restaurant .
  39. The snow covers Madrid.
  40. It must be true that in the sea the life is tastier.
  41. This summer we will go to the beach , and next to the mountains .
  42. The palm bear , the chigüire , the puma and the sloth are American fauna .
  43. Rosa wants a skirt that reaches her ankles .
  44. His arms were sunburned . Common Nouns types and examples
  45. In that herd, Gómez has about four hundred cattle .
  46. It is important to talk to the population about this issue .
  47. Find a plate , teaspoon , knife and fork and put them on the table .
  48. We need more notebooks and pencils .
  49. For freedom you must always fight.
  50. Chela wants to play the guitar like you.

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