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Enumeration with its types and examples


In rhetorical , the enumeration is one of the figures accumulation . It consists of adding or accumulating linguistic elements through coordination , either through conjunctions, or by juxtaposition .Unlike the interpretation , the coordinated members designate different realities. Normally, it is accompanied by the use of anaphora or parallelism .

The purpose of this resource is to exaggerate, emphasize or wander about the content. In other words it is a list regarding something, be it subject, an idea, or even random and meaningless. This resource can be used interchangeably for the creation of verses or choruses.

The enumeration can present you in different ways, the most common are:
a) the terms followed, one behind the other, separated by commas, which produces an  Asyndeton.
b) using an Anaphora or other similar resource in order to generate an enumerative structure.
c) linked by links, which produces a Polysyndeton.

Types and Examples of Enumeration:

E. Ascending (or Climax ) → the words are ordered from least to greatest according to a criterion of importance or relevance:
I always aspire to the beautiful , the perfect , the sublime …
E. Descending (or Anticlímax ) → the words are ordered from highest to lowest according to a criterion of importance or relevance:
On land , in smoke , in dust , in shadow , in nothing
What good is sowing crazy love,
if there is a disappointment that takes
trees , branches , leaves , fruit and flowers ?
E. Simple → words are arranged to describe the parts of a whole:
He defined it sincere , noble , haughty …
It was mentroso , drunkard , thief , gambler , fighter , gluttonous , reñidor and soothsayer , dirty , stupid and lazy , so is my squire … Juan Ruiz, Book of Good Lover

E. Chaotic → enumeration of words that have no relation to each other:
He remembered everything: the sea , the letter , the kiss and the stars .
Hyacinths , angels , libraries , labyrinths , anchors , Uxmal , the infinite , the zero (Jose Luis Borges )

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