Argumentative paragraph examples with characteristics

Argumentative paragraph

The argumentative paragraphs are those in which the arguments that support the main idea of ​​the text are presented and explained. In these the theoretical foundations or the logical conclusions that have led the author to have a certain idea are raised. Argumentative paragraph characteristics examples

The presence of argumentative paragraphs in a text is essential for veracity and makes it more convincing, building a complete and coherent text.

Characteristics of argumentative paragraphs

1-It must follow a structure

The argumentative paragraphs are generally divided into three parts: introduction , development and conclusion. In the introduction the reader is oriented on the topic to be discussed, in the development the arguments are presented and in the conclusion the ideas are synthesized.

2-They must have foundation

An argument must have a logical basis. You should not reason without a foundation, as the paragraph would be meaningless and readers would show rejection of it.

3-It must be convincing

The argumentative paragraphs are elaborated with the purpose of persuading or influencing the one who reads them. To do this, they must be convincing, using the most appropriate written persuasion techniques for the text.

4-It should not be contradictory

It is usually a mistake that is made when preparing argumentative paragraphs. When the writer presents his arguments, he must be firm in his ideas, since the doubt could cause the reader to not be clear about the reasoning.

5-It must be justifiable

An argumentative paragraph must be rational and be supported by ideas or principles built through evidence or demonstrable experiences. In addition, if these arguments are accepted by society, the chances of reply decrease.

Examples of argumentative paragraphs

In a good argumentative paragraph the argument is exposed, its veracity is demonstrated or refuted according to the convenience of the writer, and it is used to justify the point that is made in the text.

Being the basis that gives credibility to the text, they are essential for academic, journalistic or scientific essays and texts in general. Argumentative paragraph characteristics examples

Example 1

Cooking is an art, it is not simply following a recipe and crossing your fingers waiting for the result, it is not mixing certain portions in a certain way and that’s it. It’s about understanding how the flavors and flavors resulting from these blends mix. How quantities and cooking times influence. It is an art that must be studied and practiced to achieve a masterpiece. Because otherwise, it would be equivalent to tracing a painting by Renoir and affirming that you are an artist.

Example 2

There is an abysmal difference between the western and eastern conceptions of reality. The real cradle of humanity is in the East, there are the oldest civilizations. It is a culture par excellence that is much more mystical, as well as practical. We, in the West, are focused on the immediacy of action, on achieving short-term objectives. This aspect can be extrapolated to art. I once read a phrase: “Pixar touches your heart, but Studio Ghibli touches your soul.” I have reflected on this phrase and I have realized that it is a summary of the conception of immediacy that we have in the West .

Example 3

One of the predominant passions in the story is fear. All the characters fear something; the abandonment, the violence, the truth. And that fear is what gives them the initial impulse to act. The very atmosphere of the film, with the colors, the music and the values ​​of the shots, generates the constant insecurity that living in fear causes. But towards the third act, when the mysteries are revealed, all the characters exchange this passion for another; bravery. At this point everyone understands that only by facing fear will they achieve their goals, so fear is superimposed, although it never ceases to exist. Throughout the film there are moments when other passions momentarily take over, such as despair, anger, revenge, and even resignation.

Example 4

Lipovetsky, apparently, is not really concerned about the impact that the global screen may have on social constructs. I have a feeling that the almost dizzying speed at which technology advances will catch up with us and surpass us.  I also have a feeling that screens could easily substitute for human warmth. But even in those circumstances there would be people willing, and even with the uncontrollable need to scream and break free.  I believe that this is the path towards which we are aiming, and the idea that another stage of convulsed art will arrive, that we rethink the structures and force us to think of new strategies that keep our human qualities intact, that little flame that it burns inside and that the screens will not be able to dull. Argumentative paragraph characteristics examples

Example 5

The monarchy is too archaic a concept to continue in force in so many countries in the 21st century. The designation of a leader “by the grace of God” supposes a neglect of the freedoms for which so many societies fought in favor of a just and equitable democracy and where meritocracy rewards.

Example 6

As Eduardo Galeano said, I was born screaming a goal. Despite being a simple ball game, the feeling that football generates is justified, since for many people it represents not only entertainment, but an identity, a feeling of integration or the closest bond with a friend, a brother and a even a father.

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