Why information security is important/How to promote

Many people still have no idea of ​​the importance of information security for companies and believe that their information is completely safe and free from any threats. And that’s a big mistake! In this article we will give you answer of the question that Why information security is important?

As much as a company takes steps to protect its intellectual property, it’s important to let go of the belief that it’s impossible for anyone to break into your data.

With the advancement of technologies and an increasingly interconnected environment, cyber attacks are renewing quickly and, before you even know it, your organization could be at risk.

Information security is an increasingly recurrent theme and a growing concern for companies. Therefore, in today’s post you can find out what information security is, its importance and, above all, how to promote it. Follow up!

What is Information Security?

The term “Information Security” is used to refer to data protection and the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, interruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information.

This practice performs four important functions:

  • Protect the organization’s ability to function.
  • Allow the safe operation of the applications implemented in the organization’s computer systems.
  • Protect the data that the organization collects and uses.
  • Protect the technology the organization uses.

It is not just restricted to computer systems, electronic information or storage systems. It also involves infrastructure, legal protection, process and people management . The concept applies to all aspects of information and data protection.

Why is she so important?

A cyber attack can cause untold damage to a company, such as financial losses, damage to brand positioning, loss of information confidentiality and business compromise.

Regardless of whether your business is small or a large multinational, it depends on computer systems every day. With new technologies, the dangers of cybercrime become even more serious and without proper controls, the risks of unwanted access, breach of confidentiality, and communications fraud are constant problems.

Therefore, what is so valuable deserves robust protection, as malicious people recognize the value of this data and will want to appropriate it to gain some kind of advantage. In this sense, it is essential to invest in methodologies that guarantee this protection, shielding the company’s systems and information against any external action that could harm it.

Importance of Information Security in HR

Every day, various important information for the business and for people circulate in the Human Resources sector . This information must be very well kept so that the company does not harm itself in financial and strategic terms.

Processes such as recruitment and selection , management, hiring and dismissing employees generate data and information that must be protected.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard for Information Security Management, whose general principle is the adoption of a set of requirements, processes and controls, which aim to manage the Information Security risks present in organizations.

Achieving certification demonstrates that the organization is following best information security practices and provides an independent, expert assessment to verify that your data is adequately protected.

How to promote Information Security

Having understood the importance and aware that information security in companies is one of the fundamental points for its proper functioning, the doubt that remains is about how to implement it. Check out some recommendations,

  • Always try to keep your software and drives up to date;
  • Have control over the access collaborators have to data;
  • Have an exit system lock, preventing any data from being released without IT employees being aware;
  • Have security policies within the company;
  • Keep all security processes and policies aligned;
  • Conduct training on a regular basis with people who work in the company to make everyone aware of security measures; and
  • Always perform a data backup, mainly indicated in the cloud, to have an alternative in terms of data recovery if necessary due to an incident.


Information security should be a company-wide objective, not just an area. As we have seen, the HR sector needs to consider this matter in a relevant way in its day-to-day and protect business data, candidates and employees.

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