Tools to engage remote employees with10 free tools

10 free employee engagement tools

Investing in employee engagement is a worthwhile endeavor that most organizations tend to neglect. But why invest in all this? It’s because engaged employees are more committed, satisfied and productive. Over the years, employees are now looking for more than just an attractive work accidents with sick leave, and unpaid leave for personal matters. In the latter case, the firm may cut the employee’s salary. They want their 9-5 job to be a place where they can learn, grow and contribute. In this article we will provide you the tools to engage remote employees. Engaging remote employees can be a challenge. But there are effective ways to connect people that can have a positive impact on personal productivity and sense of purpose.

Tools to engage remote employees

So, where do you start? Let’s look at 10 employee engagement tools you can use to kick-start your employee engagement journey.

1. EdApp

EdApp is the premier employee engagement tool you can use to improve workplace learning engagement and retention. It is a SAAS and Learning Management System (LMS) made with mobile in mind, which means it can be accessed anywhere at any time and gives you complete flexibility when it comes to training delivery. EdApp uses a microlearning design model that ensures higher engagement rates through easily digestible and understandable pieces of information. This is because employees are not bombarded with information and focus is placed on key concepts that are delivered in short bursts.

This tool also uses gamification examples and turns routine tasks into a gaming experience. Game design elements and principles, such as leaderboards, rewards, and scoring, are applied in lessons to enhance the learning experience. EdApp has different game models that you can use such as memory game, letter jumble and risk game. To further spur motivation and meet your business needs, you can also incentivize employees with real-world rewards like coffee or food stamps.

In addition, EdApp’s Custom Achievements is a rewards system to help raise your game‘s level of engagement by recognizing and encouraging excellent learning habits. It allows students to earn achievements that can be customized based on their criteria of good learning behavior. Some might be as simple as opening the app for the first time or completing an entire elearning course in flying colors. It’s all up to you to determine the ingredients of each achievement and customize them as you want to establish a “recipe” for success based on your intended learning process.


Key Features: Gamification, leaderboards, rewards

2. Learn Amp

Learn Amp is an all-in-one people and leadership development platform, combining Learning Experience features with its LMS tools. It allows you to create learning paths and lists that will lead your employees to training and compliance development courses most relevant to them. For feedback, Learn Amp includes polls and surveys, which you can also use to measure employee engagement. Employees can also create their social profiles where they can showcase their interests and expertise and connect with their colleagues. However, to utilize this web-based training platform , you will need to pay for a subscription, which comes in three tiers.

PriceContact Learn Amp

Key Features: Learning Lists, Social Profiles, Surveys

3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free employee engagement tool that enhances workplace learning with the use of a virtual classroom. You can create a classroom where your employees can participate in different training activities or lectures with modules assigned to them. With the help of resources and tools created by Google, you can equip employees with different creative projects and hands-on learning to keep them engaged. It also allows integrations with your favorite third-party apps, making sharing files and documents seamless. As it is created by Google, this means it can be easily used with Google Meet, Google Docs and the like for a more streamlined experience. While this is free, it lacks the bells and whistles that come with other tools that allow for greater customization to make it visually appealing.


Key Features: Virtual Classroom, Apps & Integrations, Suite G

Tools to engage remote employees

4. BambooHR

BambuHR is an all-in-one online HR software that caters to small and medium businesses. This easy-to-use management system ensures that you have all your employee information in one place. It allows your HR department to do a multitude of tasks, from hiring to onboarding, performance management, payroll management and free time. Using BambooHR empowers employees as they can utilize different features such as updating their information, requesting free time, viewing their training and goals. It also has features like creating boards showing employee birthdays and anniversaries or the activity feed to welcome new hires.

PriceContact BambooHR

Key features: Employee database, activity/news feed, calendar management

5. Office vibe

officevibeis a great employee engagement tool to get feedback from your employees. You can submit weekly, anonymous surveys, which are automatically implemented for them. It uses pulse surveys to measure employee engagement using different formats such as numerical scales, text boxes and custom surveys. Managers can respond to feedback and continue an anonymous match, or even set up a 1-on-1 match for further discussion. It encourages employee engagement as employees can inform management of any challenges or issues that would not normally be addressed in a typical conversation so that they can be corrected or improved. Officevibe offers a free basic plan, but for better features,

PriceFree, $4/user

Key Features: Automated pulse surveys, anonymous feedback, 1 on 1

6. Quantum Workplace

Another tool for increasing employee satisfaction and engagement is Quantum Workplace . It has many features such as employee surveys in various formats like pulse, lifecycle and annual for a glimpse into the employee experience. This is also helpful in discovering potential engagement opportunities. Quantum Workplace also has a social media-like news source where employees can communicate with each other and send messages, motivate others and congratulate others on their accomplishments. Goals can also be set with your recognition software so milestones can be celebrated later.

PricingContact Quantum Workplace

Key Features: Employee Surveys, Social Recognition, Employee Dashboard

7. Kazoo

Kazoo is an employee experience platform focused on employee engagement. To close the engagement gap, they have different characteristics that can be used, such as goals & OKRs, feedback, recognition, incentives and conversations. It’s also easier to set departmental and company goals so employees are aware of the importance of their work. On the other hand, ongoing conversations and feedback ensure that everyone has a voice. Points can be given for rewards and incentives that are fully customizable. Like Google Classroom, you can also connect external apps to Kazoo so there’s no need to come and go when sharing your existing files.

PriceStarts at $4.50/month per employee

Key Features: Activity Feed, Surveys, Rewards Engine, Pulse Surveys

8. Day off

Slack is a tool that provides real-time communication in the workplace. You can create different channels for specific teams, topics or projects for better organization. It’s also great for creating social channels, like a music or pet channel, so employees can collaborate, engage, and get to know each other better. Using Slack keeps employees up to date without having to organize countless emails or schedule a meeting. It also includes file sharing so employees can easily upload photos, videos and documents using different apps and integrations. One-on-one conversations are also facilitated via direct messages or video calls.

PriceStarts at $6.67/month per user

Key Features: Channels, Applications and Integrations, File Sharing

9. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an employee engagement tool that is colorful and visually appealing and is sure to engage your employees. As an online quiz maker tool The idea is to create “kahoots”, which are quizzes, polls, puzzles and presentations based on templates. These “kahoots” can be presented on a shared screen or remotely on employees’ own devices via any videoconferencing platform. Team spaces can also be created to foster collaboration within a specific department. The Kahoot! provides reports so that knowledge gaps can be detected and feedback can be provided to spark discussions.

PriceStarts at $17/month per host

Key Features: Colorful visuals and attractive interface, interactive game-based format, multiple game models

10. HR Cloud

HR Cloud includes recognition and reward software, which is a great feature for an employee engagement tool. It also has a praise feature that allows employees to give a digital maximum of five and praises others for their efforts and accomplishments. Employees can convert these commendations into points to claim real rewards your company can create. This cloud-based human resources tool can also send pulse surveys, which are perfect for getting to know employees.

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