What is Unauthorized Biography/meaning/concept

The biography is a book that reviews the most important events in the life of the person portrayed. It is often a celebrity who, on his own initiative, decides to publish his autobiography narrating in first person the events of his destiny. This type of work usually arouses great interest on the part of the public as they have the opportunity to learn more about this artist . Unauthorized Biography

However, the publishing market relies on the publication of unauthorized biographies, which are works that have not received the permission of the character involved. This means that, in many cases, these books are accompanied by controversy.

story of a life

While the autobiography often focuses its attention on the most lovable aspects of that person’s life, it is the author who decides what counts and what doesn’t, as well as the tone in which, on the other hand, unauthorized biography generally puts a point of attention on the secrets or on the controversial points that the story deals with. However, you must take into account as a reader that this is not an official version. Unauthorized Biography

This aspect occurs if the person writing the work is alive. In this case, the author of the book tends to contact the protagonist for his permission and cooperation. However, when this feedback does not happen, there is no official authorization.

On certain occasions, the person feels violated in their rights to privacy for being the protagonist of a story that does not care about their public image, which may harm their personal brand. Some unauthorized biographies are accompanied by black humor. Unauthorized Biography

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Unauthorized biographies are sold in bookstores. They are books in a traditional format where the theme and plot of the work revolve around the experiences of a renowned character. In other words, it makes no sense to make an autobiography of a character that does not interest the public and that is not sufficiently known. This type of work that goes through the protagonist’s parallel life has a temporal context. Unauthorized Biography

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