What is Dune definition/concept/elaboration

The dune is a large accumulation of sand and is the characteristic landscape of some desert areas on the planet. There is also the possibility of existing dunes in certain coastal areas.

The dunes have a normally uniform appearance, like a kind of layer or mantle over the Earth’s surface, forming permanent undulations. However, the shape of the dunes is not symmetrical, as the slope on the terrain depends on the direction the wind blows. There are several types of dunes: transverse, wavy, longitudinal, parabolic or star.

The large amount of sand in this type of landscape is produced by the wind and is usually created by the trade winds, as shown by the dunes of the Sahara desert and elsewhere in the world. In addition to the wind, low rainfall is another cause of this natural phenomenon. Another factor that interferes with the formation of dunes is drought. From a climatic point of view, there are drought cycles. Dune

The dunes form a landscape that is not static

In fact, there is the possibility of measuring its mobility, which depends on many factors such as: the type of climate , wind speed, humidity levels and annual rainfall. For this reason, there are mobile dunes, and this aspect is a problem of great magnitude for cultivated areas that can be completely covered by a sandy layer. It can also cause certain routes or paths to disappear. Faced with this problem, barriers are often built and certain plants are planted. Dune

Climate study experts look at the dunes as a negative indicator related to the climate change experienced by the planet over the past few decades

The large desert areas formed by a vast dune landscape are also known as Ergs. This large expanse of sandy territory is typical of North Africa, especially in Algeria and Mauritania. The Ergs are formed by desert dunes, since the coastal dunes have other landscape features. Dune

The dune landscape draws attention in several ways. Its monotony suggests loneliness and at the same time it is a place enigmatic and charming. It can be said that the desert and the dunes offer two types of faces: a landscape that conveys serenity and even real danger. Dune

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