What is Epic definition/concept/elaboration

The term epic has two meanings. On the one hand, it is a literary genre that is part of universal literature and, in parallel, is related to heroic and large-scale events.

the epic in literature

Generally speaking, when everyday and personal events are narrated in literature, but which are legendary facts, we are faced with a form of creation of the epic type. Legendary facts are usually true and historical, even if at times they are imaginary and totally fictitious accounts.

Regarding its characteristics, it can be said that the epic is related to the narrative genre, but there may be dialogues and descriptions

It can be written in both prose and verse, usually in verse of great length. At times, the epic is related to other genres, such as the theater and the novel .

One of the peculiarities of the epic genre is the fusion of real and imaginary facts, so that the writer makes a synthesis between what has really happened and his own vision of events. In fact, in some epic poems there are fantastic elements that involve moments of great historical value.

Anyway, the epic is intended to be marked through the literature of great deeds of humanity.

A memorable battle starring a village or the brave attitude of some heroes

In the case of the heroes of epic narratives, these became popular myths and their stories ended up becoming part of the oral and literary tradition of a collectivity.

In such poem genre, there is an exaltation of events (fictional or real), a literary approach that contrasts with the lyrical genre, in which what matters is the world of intimate and subjective feelings .

Events of great importance

In addition to literature, the word epic is used in everyday language . It is usually part of journalistic language and is used to emphasize the dimension of an event. In the sports world, references to an epic match or an epic victory are quite common.

Thus, when a sporting event is accompanied by some great effort or some unique action, journalists resort to the adjective epic. Although the use of this term is part of journalistic language, it can be said that it is not very appropriate to abuse this adjective, as both a race and a football match can be epic for some reason, but not in the sense that it is always used for more. of a person , since epic has an exceptional and extraordinary character.

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