What is Uber definition/concept/elaboration

Uber is the name of an international company dedicated to transporting passengers and connecting customers and drivers through a free mobile app.

Uber’s problems with justice

This company has been involved in controversies since its inception, being strongly criticized by several groups of professionals who see Uber as a possible customer thief due to its policy of offering a service of the same quality as the traditional one , however, at a cost much smaller. The point is that this is a company that arises from the internet and that does not submit to the same rules as other agents in the transport sector, avoiding the payment of licenses and taxes, which directly affects the prices established at the end of the service offered . Uber

In many countries, this confrontation ends up directly in the courts, where the courts determine whether Uber offers a legal service or not, and the same is judged by the judges of the moment. In cities like Washington and London, Uber’s position is strengthened after going through the courts, while countries like Thailand continue to deny the possibility of accessing this service to their citizens. Elsewhere, the battle remains legal with the possible continuation or not of Uber’s services, as shown in the case of countries like Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries or cities in  Europe.

Why does Uber triumph?

Despite the legal problems, Uber has become a reference company in the transport sector, being strongly supported by a group of users who are increasingly convinced of the advantages offered by this business model . Among the positive points, we can undoubtedly highlight the simplicity of how the service works. Thanks to a unique application installed on mobile phones, the customer has the possibility of immediate presence of a car Uber at home, without the need of having to go to a spot on the street or wait for him until.

Also, derived from the above, there is almost no waiting time. Once the order is placed, the customer is sure that in a maximum of 5 minutes he will have a car waiting at his door. These are vehicles that stand out for their cleanliness and comfort, since it is mandatory that these cars do not exceed five years of age. Finally, it is worth mentioning the rates, they are transparent, simple and without exorbitant or hidden costs. The customer only pays for the journey time and the kilometers covered.

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