What is Caricature/meaning/concept/elaboration

A caricature is a type of drawing that usually represents a person’s face , distorting their facial features with a humorous intent.

The designers who employ this technique are caricaturists and it is a style characterized by its quick and ingenious elaboration. It is a very popular artistic modality, especially on the streets crowded by passersby and tourists, who can request this type of design from street artists who make a living from it.

The technique used is to exaggerate the facial features of the people portrayed so that they can be recognized in the drawing, but with a distorted image of themselves. Usually the prices charged are popular and affordable. While they humorously reproduce the physiognomy of the portrayed, they are observed by pedestrians who stop to appreciate the cartoonist’s technical skill and his particular vision in relation to the client.

There is no single approach to this creative modality

There are artists who make caricatures of famous people and in newspapers, graphic humor uses this style to ridicule or criticize the characters related to the present day. In this sense, its purpose is satirical and blunt, since the drawing has a critical social intention . In some cases, the caricature is carried out with the entire body, also altering the real characteristics of the person portrayed.

The comic book world uses this style to create sympathetic and flashy characters. Even in advertising and cinema this form of expression is used. Among the many examples that can be cited, there is a unique and exclusive one: the mascot of a dog used as a symbol of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. This dog was called Cobi and the artist who created it is Javier Mariscal.

There is a different meaning to the word caricature

When someone explains something with the intention of distorting or altering a reality , it can be said that he is making a caricature, that is, he is not being faithful to what he describes and presents some unreal features. When describing or referring to a caricatured person, it means that he is being ridiculed. It is a personal attack and one that is not normally humorous in purpose, but is simply aimed at discrediting the other person.

Etymologically, this term comes from the Italian caricare, which means to exaggerate

Exaggeration is the most precisely used resource to make caricatures, whether as a drawing, falsified explanation or criticism of reality (the latter case is very common among some comedians).

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