What is Tomorrowland definition/concept

EDM lovers, the acronyms that in English mean Electronic Dance Music, know that the small town of Boom in Belgium holds annually a prestigious festival, the Tomorrowland. Its name follows the decorations inspired by fantasy and magical beings.

The Beers Brothers Dream

Tomorrowland has been celebrated since 2005 and receives visitors from all over the world. The stars of the event are the top international DJ‘s. The festival logo is the wizard of Thunderdome and the organizing company is ID & T. Tomorrowland

The creators of this dance music macro event are the brothers Manu and Michiel Beers. In its first editions, it was a local festival without much pretension, but in the fourth edition, more than 100 DJ‘s participated and was attended by 50,000 people. In each edition, attendance records are broken and, since 2011, the event has lasted for three days. In addition to dance house, EDM and techno performances on various stages and in a natural environment , the festival has other ingredients: an attractive hosting area (Dreamville), mobile apps, a wide gastronomic offer, after movies and a spectacular Mainstage or main stage.

Boom’s neighbors welcome the festival with a warm welcome (the musical event is a perfect advertisement to attract tourists from all over the world to Belgium). Tomorrowland’s success expresses a striking fact: the 2016 Facebook page reached the number of 8 million fans. Tomorrowland

In 2018, the organizers created an original advertising slogan: the Planaxis mollusk

In each edition, the festival deals with a specific theme and participants dress accordingly (for the 2018 edition, a marine theme was chosen: The History of Planaxis). Since 2013 a new international brand has been created, TomorrowWorld (the first edition was held in the city of Chattahoochee Hill, in the state of Georgia, United States, and the organizers chose this city because of its similarities to the Belgian city of Boom). Tomorrowland attendees are fortunate, as tickets are sold out in less than an hour.

Other EDM Music Festivals

The electronic music has uncontrollable global projection. Among the most recognized festivals are the “Electric Daisy Carnival”, the “Global Gathering” and the “Holy Ship!” (The latter is carried out on board a cruise that crosses Caribbean waters until reaching the coast of two private islands). Tomorrowland

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