Example of fantasy story with characteristics elements & structure

Fantastic tale/story

fantastic story is a literary narrative that consists of telling stories that are far from reality. Another way to define it is as a text that recounts a succession of supernatural and extraordinary events that do not occur in the real world, therefore they can seem illogical, incoherent and irrational. Example of fantasy story

The fantasy tale can incorporate real elements or actions of everyday life, but it is always going to be oriented to unleash surprising, imaginary and inexplicable situations. The purpose of this type of storytelling is to arouse curiosity, provide different views of things and leave a lesson.

The fantastic tale mixes the real with the unreal. On the one hand, the characters show credible characteristics and even the receiver can identify with them, while the imaginary and out of the ordinary is manifested in the experiences that occur to the protagonists. These stories are usually aimed at a child and youth audience. Example of fantasy story

Characteristics of the fantastic tale

The fantastic tale has the following characteristics:

– It’s a short story.

– It must have a plot or argument that of logical sequence to the story.

– It has extraordinary elements and circumstances that defy natural or real world laws.

– Supernatural events happen to characters who usually have real characteristics.

– The fantastic story must have an environment in which the characters carry out their actions. The setting of the story can combine real and fictional elements.

– For the fantastic story to have a reason for being, there must be a reader who believes, becomes involved or is a momentary accomplice of what happens in the narrative. Example of fantasy story


Start Example of fantasy story

It is the part that begins the fantastic story. In this section the characters and their main characteristics are presented, the environment where the actions take place is also described. At the beginning, the situations that lead the story towards the knot or conflict are presented.


The development exposes the conflicts or unexpected events of the narrative. In this part of the fantastic tale there is a breakdown of the facts raised at the beginning. This phase of the story is the most substantial, expected and attractive because it constitutes the most relevant part of the story.


In the fantastic tale, the ending refers to the end or denouement of the story. In this part, the problems or conflicts that originated in development are resolved. Usually the culmination of the narrative is characterized by the triumph of good over evil. Example of fantasy story

Elements Example of fantasy story


They are the ones who carry out the actions within the fantastic story and to whom extraordinary situations happen. The characters can be represented by human beings, animals, plants or objects. In the narratives, the participants have characteristics that differentiate them from others.


The atmosphere in fantastic tales is related to the place where the characters unfold and events take place.

Weather Example of fantasy story

Time is related to the time or year in which the story unfolds. In addition, it refers to the duration of events, if they happen in hours, in a day, in months or years.


The atmosphere is related to the sensation and the “air” that prevails in the different circumstances of the narrative. This means that the story can have moments of emotion, sadness, anguish, mystery, loneliness or another emotional state.


In the fantasy story, the plot refers to the conflict that motivates the development of the narrative. The plot is the one that gives way to the drama, the tension and the attractive power of the story.

Traditional fantastic tales for children

  • – The frog prince.
  • – Sleeping Beauty.
  • – Snow White.
  • – Rapunzel.
  • – Cinderella.
  • – Hansel and Gretel.
  • – Little Red Riding Hood.
  • – The three Little Pigs.
  • – Thumbelina.
  • – Alice in Wonderland.

Invented example of a fantastic tale Example of fantasy story

The power of faith Example of fantasy story

Years ago, many years ago, in a very distant place near immense mountains there was a town called “Sin Pan” in which its inhabitants were very poor due to the spell of a shoemaker witch to whom they were owed money. Among the settlers there were three children who dreamed of eating every day; their names were: Baguet, Bologna and Dulce.

Baguet was a boy of about ten years old, he was tall, thin and haggard. Although he did not eat well, he had energy and strength. For his part, Bologna was eight years old, chubby and hunk, his main strength was kindness. Dulce was a six-year-old girl, small, smiling, lively, and had long hair.

The mysterious dream of the people

One day, the three children went out to look for food like every morning and realized that the rest of the town had not woken up.

“Everything is very quiet and the streets are very lonely,” said Bologna.

“It’s true, something is wrong.” We’re going to find out what’s going on, ”Baguet replied.

The three children passed by each of the houses, looked out the window and realized that the neighbors were in a deep sleep. Hunger had apparently robbed him of all his strength.

“We have to do something, we all need food,” said Dulce.

The strange snail

Baguet, Bologna and Dulce sat on the banks of the river to devise a way to help the town out of poverty. After a few minutes, a small snail passed near Dulce’s feet, she took it, while holding it in her hands she realized that the little animal left a bright trail when it crawled. Surprised, the girl showed her friends what was happening. Example of fantasy story

“It’s a magical snail!” Exclaimed Bologna.

“It’s fantastic, maybe I can’t help save the town,” Baguet said.

The three friends hugged and jumped for joy. The snail complained and said:

“Hey, they’re crushing me!”

The children stopped when they heard the voice, and their surprise increased when they realized that it was the snail that spoke. A few seconds later they regained their breath and entered into trust with the magical animal. The snail told them that in its shell it kept an inexhaustible source of gold frost, which had the power to help those who believed that size did not matter to do great things.

The strange magic Example of fantasy story

The innocence of the children and their desire to get out of poverty led them to put all their faith in the snail. Then the animal explained how magic worked. Example of fantasy story

—The first thing they must do is take each one a bit of my magic powder in their hands, close their eyes and imagine the shoemaker sorcerer releasing the spell on the town. Afterwards, they must spread the frost on the doors of each house. The incandescent glow of gold will renew the forces of the villagers and they will awaken, ”said the snail.

Baguet, Bolognese and Dulce did everything as the snail told them. The results were immediate, but the most fantastic thing was that when the inhabitants of the town touched the golden frost, the trees, rivers, mountains, flowers and roads were turned into food. From that moment on, “Sin Pan” did not suffer again due to lack of food.

The three friends rejoiced over what happened and wanted to thank the magic snail, but when they went to look for him they only got a trace of his footprints. Baguet, Bologna and Dulce understood that faith transforms everything. Example of fantasy story

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