What is Solar Energy definition/concept

We need energy for everything. To move, to warm our homes. Energy is therefore what makes things work. We know that there are many sources of energy and, at the same time, that some are polluting and harm the planet. In any case, we must not forget that the main source of energy is the sun. This means that without energy, life would disappear. Solar Energy

Solar energy offers a great advantage over others: it is non-polluting and inexhaustible. The Sun is believed to have fuel for only five million years, as its characteristic of abundance is not one hundred percent true.

On its surface the Sun is found at a temperature above 5000 degrees centigrade. Due to complex mass loss reactions, energy from the Sun is released, which is transmitted to the outside through solar radiation. This energy traverses some 150 million kilometers through space to reach Earth. Heat travels in the form of rays (thermal rays) and this form of energy is known as thermal radiation. This means that the more thermal rays that are absorbed by a body, the higher its temperature. However, not all objects heat up equally (black ones heat up more than white ones when exposed to the sun).

photovoltaic solar energy

The photovoltaic system is an installation that produces electrical energy with photovoltaic modules (solar panels) transforming thermal energy into electrical energy . Sunlight is composed of energetic particles known as photons, which are absorbed by a photovoltaic cell that transports its energy to an electron that ends up in an electrical circuit (at this moment the principle of energy transformation is fulfilled).

There are two types of photovoltaic installations

1) There are those that are separate from the electrical network and are used when the electrical distribution network is far from consumption points. They are used especially in some rural houses or in remote communication systems .

2) And also grid-connected installations, whereby the clean electricity that is generated is fed into the utility grid or is grouped together in photovoltaic modules to generate large- scale electricity in photovoltaic power plants.

The main advantages of solar energy through photovoltaic technology are: the reduction of energy dependence on polluting sources and the possibility of changing the global energy model.

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