What is Logo definition/concept/elaboration

A logo is a graphic or a typographic expression used in an institution, company or movement. On a commercial level, the use of a logo determines that the public quickly recognizes the company in question, a circumstance of great importance and which demonstrates its prestige. It helps in advertising and must be reproduced in other media communication to cause great impact and easy memory.

Coca-Cola is a clear example of how a logo works at a commercial level. Your typography can be recognized around the world and your product is identified regardless of language or culture. Likewise, it is possible to observe the product and consequently its brand in remote and distant places, just as in the main centers.

This circumstance explains the importance that a logo represents in the global economy, and why a good produced on a large scale can gain several markets. In fact, the emergence of graphic expressions to identify a brand began when capitalism showed great development and began a change in the face of society : the so-called industrial revolution . At this time of turmoil, rapid identification of production proved to be a necessity . Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, with the arrival of art, more like a social changeand that soon gave way to the vanguards, the logo was established as a concept that persists to this day: that of simplifying an idea, of impact, of simplicity; in the future this trend is fully expected to remain firm.

Currently, any company that has a solid business projection is interested in building a brand, making the logo a goal to pursue. Of course, your goal is in large or medium-sized companies, but it is increasingly common to see this type of trend in small businesses. Thus, the development of graphic design becomes more and more evident.

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