What is Synoptic Chart definition/concept

The term synoptic table refers to a scheme that represents graphically and with words the structure that a given text uses to develop a theme. It is especially useful for the study carried out with the purpose of passing exams, as it serves as a means of simplification, summary and capture of the main ideas of a given topic. Synoptic Chart

The synoptic tables are created using arrows, keys, parentheses, etc. They can take the form of a diagram of a hierarchical nature that allows for a subordination of concepts and content. It is important to identify a main theme in the text and its various sub-themes. In turn, when there are other sub-themes, it is also necessary to represent them hierarchically. A common form of organization is horizontal, with more important themes on the left and corresponding sub-themes on the right. It can also be arranged vertically, this time with the most important themes above and sub-themes below. Synoptic Chart

In some cases, the assembly of a synoptic table requires the elaboration of a previous summary to make the main ideas of the text easy to read . In this case, the first thing to do is to read the topic in question in a superficial way, a reading that should not dwell too much on details and only serve as an approximation of the main characteristics. Based on these ideas, the summary is made and then the task of representing the concepts on the board. Synoptic Chart

Currently, there are several tools that can be used when making a synoptic table. One of them is without a doubt Excel. Although there are more specific ones such as Mindmanager, XMIND, FreeMind, FreePlane, etc. None of them need more processing power, as they are adaptable to any configuration. It is important to emphasize that no computer tool can replace the reader’s synthesis and comprehension capacity. Synoptic Chart

Thus, the use of synoptic charts can be a great help with regard to simplifying the information regarding the study. This definitely makes a difference in time management. Synoptic Chart

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