What is Configuration/meaning/concept

The word to be analyzed is formed from two elements: the prefix with and the noun figuration. In relation to the prefix, it indicates something accomplished by the union or collaboration of both parts, on the other hand, the figuration means that something will be accomplished or executed. Consequently, configuration is used to indicate that a reality is defined by the intervention of different parts. In a second sense, it refers to the action of shaping something, be it an object , a project or an individual . Some synonyms for configuration could be as follows: formation, structure, or placement.

Examples to easily understand

– If we think of a football team, we are faced with an example of configuration, as the eleven players constitute a union of individuals or a group of individuals through defenders, midfielders, attackers and a goalkeeper.

– The cell is a unit composed of three elements: the nucleus, the cytoplasm and the membrane. The same applies to atoms, which are defined by the interaction of electrons, protons and electrons.

– If we think of any language (for example, Spanish), its configuration is the result of the evolution of a native language (Latin) and the incorporation of new terms from various sources that create a form of communication .

– A company is configured by a series of elements: a specific infrastructure (eg an industrial machine), a group of workers of different categories and an organizational system .

Everything that exists has its own configuration

The examples mentioned above show that the idea of ​​configuring can be applied to all kinds of reality, both tangible and intangible. It should be noted that everything that exists has, in some way, a process of creation and construction.

Let’s imagine that we’re facing something we’ve seen before. After this observation, let’s ask the following question: what is this? This question seeks an answer that allows us to understand what we are talking about. In the answer that we will get, we will be informed about the origin of this something, its composition, its parts and its possible usefulness. And the set of all these answers will represent the configuration of what was asked.

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