What is Spiritual Happiness definition/concept

The spirit is the reality that elevates the human being to its perfection. There are different types of happiness. For example, there is bodily happiness in the form of physical pleasure. Spiritual Happiness

However, in the same way, there are spiritual pleasures that show the importance of these moments of existential fullness where the human being feels full internally. That is, in the depths of your heart and your conscience .

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This does not mean that bodily happiness cannot be part of spiritual happiness as it often happens. For example, this is the power of a kiss or a hug.

It is the one that is born from the human being’s contact with himself through introspection and self – knowledge .

It is the one that is born from the search for meaning, described by Victor Frankl, creator of Logotherapy. The search for meaning is the existential vocation that every human being has throughout life.

It is more intense and leaves more marks than bodily pleasure, as it is not conditioned by the power of sensations. Spiritual happiness is born from a fact as important as acting consistently with one’s values.

That is, spiritual happiness is also born from ethics and the personal reality of the human being as a self-conscious being.

In other words, what differentiates human beings from the rest of the universe is that they are aware of themselves and their own reality. Aware that it has a temporal reality.

And that brings a new dimension to the very act of living. Spiritual happiness is that inner joy that lasts in time.

Causes of Spiritual Happiness

This joy that comes from moments as simple as a deep and sincere conversation with a friend. The contemplation of a perfect landscape. The desire to stop time and keep forever the perfection of an instant in the form of now.

Situations of reciprocated love. Family celebrations. The pleasure of vacation. The unforgettable experience of a trip.

Without a doubt , leaving the comfort zone is an experience that invites to spiritual happiness, otherwise we would be stuck in an existential comfort zone.

Spiritual happiness is born from happy memories of the past. And the conviction of being in that place where I really wanted to be.

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