What is Narrative Text definition/concept

The narrative text  concept is equivalent to another, the  narrative genre. By it is meant the description of descriptive or dialogued passages, which tell the experiences of certain characters in a given space and time. narrative text  can be literary even sometimes appearing in press releases or other formats.

the narrator figure

For there to be a narrative text  there must necessarily be a narrator who tells a story. There are different types of narrators. The narrator’s resource in third person is used when he is oblivious to the events of the story he tells. An account can be presented through an omniscient narrator, who is one who knows all the reality described (the characters’ thoughts and feelings ). Narrative Text

The limited narrator tells something like a movie camera , that is, he observes what happens, but does not enter into the characters’ thoughts or feelings. There are also stories narrated in the first person, in which the narrator himself tells something through his personal experience. Another possible option is for the narrator to be a secondary character in the story, in this case we are talking about a witness narrator.

There is no narration without characters, which are not always people, as it can be an animated object or an animal

Anyway, the characters are classified into three groups : protagonists, antagonists and minors. The protagonist is the main character in the story and the reader follows the course of events through him.

The antagonist is usually a character who symbolizes the difficulties encountered by the protagonist and, usually, it is an archetype opposite to the protagonist. Narrative Text

As their name implies, the minor characters play little role in the story.

In relation to the characters should be pointed out that some maintain the same characteristics throughout the  narrative, while others evolve during the reporting.

time in narration

In a story it is possible to tell facts that refer to very different temporary situations, from what happens in an hour to what happens for a hundred years or more. For this reason, the narrator has the option of speeding up the  narrative or slowing it down.

When using dialogue , the characters coincide with the time of the  narrative and the time of reality. Sometimes jumps in time occur, such as flashbacks or recaps. Narrative Text

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