What is Heterogeneous definition/concept

Heterogeneous is synonymous with plural, diverse or different. It is an adjective that corresponds to the noun heterogeneity. Saying that something is heterogeneous means a set of elements that are unequal to each other. Its opposite adjective is the word homogeneous , which expresses a series of elements of the same type as they share similar characteristics.

In everyday language , the heterogeneity of something is not a positive or negative issue, as it depends on each context or situation.

heterogeneous in the positive sense

The plurality within a set is a favorable feature and convenient on occasions. For example, in the configuration of a popular jury, it is intended that the members of this jury are not people of the same age, sex and social status , but it is desirable that there is a heterogeneous group, as this way it is possible to better represent the whole of the society . When sociological opinion polls are carried out, all kinds of people are asked questions in a way that shows a statistic of the reflection of society as a whole. Heterogeneous

heterogeneous in the negative sense

There are situations in which it is more convenient to form groups or classes with as little heterogeneity as possible. Let’s think about a female modeling show. During the selection process, the characteristics of each of the models are very similar in terms of age, height, body measurements, etc.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous communities

There are territories on the planet where human groups are very homogeneous in the sense that they do not mix with other collectives. This generates social cohesion within the group itself, but at the same time this cohesion shows a series of inconveniences (the inbreeding of a closed ethnic group causes a series of diseases, on the other hand, closed groups are hardly open to innovations). Heterogeneous

Large cities are an example of an open and heterogeneous society. All opinions and trends fit into them, as well as diversity is usually accompanied by greater individual freedom . However, living together in a heterogeneous society has some dangers (social tensions between different groups or the loss of identity of some minorities within an increasingly globalized framework).

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