What is Social Development definition/concept

The term social development refers to the circumstance where a society acquires better living conditions in a sustainable way. Social development is related to economic development insofar as a better living situation can be offered to the population through better access to goods and services. However, this type of situation can be confusing, so social development also needs some consideration regarding situations of peace, equality , opportunities, etc. All these aspects are perhaps difficult to imply in economic processes.

Social development must be one of the objectives of the State

From an economic point of view, the improvement in the population’s living conditions is related to a greater production of goods and services. This means that everything produced must be as important or even more than the basic consumption of the population’s needs. On the other hand, it is also important that this circumstance is evident in all sectors of the population and not just in some.

For this it is important to consider the way society is structured in production and its comparative advantages. Once society has access to housing, education , food and a relatively normal level of leisure, we can say that from an economic point of view, a society is developed.

However, the economic aspect is not everything, or at least it should not be considered in isolation as another type of circumstance with great importance in people’s lives.

In this sense, a criterion that refers to social development is the institutional quality of a population. This situation guarantees that there are public goods that only the state can provide, such as justice . Thus, this type of element is increasingly valued when considering the quality of life of a people.

Social development must be one of the main goals that a country’s policy must have. For this, it is not only important to take political-economic decisions, but also to guarantee the freedom of those involved and the development of the market. In fact, when we look at countries with the highest rates of social development, we will notice this trend over time.

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