What is Maturation definition/concept

The human being, fruits, ideas and lungs are totally different elements. However, they all have something in common, they can mature, that is, develop. Thus, the development process that reaches certain elements or realities is known as maturation.

How we mature as individuals

From a physiological point of view, human beings are constantly changing. When a child leaves childhood and enters adolescence , he is not yet fully formed, so we say he is beginning to mature. Your maturation or maturation as an individual depends on physical growth as well as social and emotional factors. We mature thanks to expectations, mistakes and the learning process. Usually, a person is considered not to be mature when he still has childish ideas or inappropriate attitudes in adulthood.

Ideas also mature

When we immediately have an idea to carry out a business project, this idea requires a maturation process. This means that we must carefully think through the pros and cons and all aspects related to the original idea. In the maturation of a business idea, the economic environment, competition and technology must be known . Not maturing an idea would be too much of a risk and this could likely result in some error.

Fruit ripening

A fruit ripens in a natural way, but it can also be ripened by a chemical process. The fruit’s maturation process begins with an increase in its production of ethylene, a simple chemical compound carried out by the intervention of carbon and hydrogen. From this component, a chain reaction of chemical processes is activated, causing the fruit to ripen.

Pulmonary maturation

When an embryo is four weeks old, the lungs begin to mature. This slow process that the lungs grow through is carried out by a substance found in the lung itself: the surfactant. This element lines the alveoli and makes them remain open to facilitate lung respiration.

The biological process of lung maturation allows people to breathe normally at birth. In some cases of premature babies, respiratory problems stem from poor lung maturation.

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