What is Research definition/concept/elaboration

Investigation, also called research, is a process that incorporates knowledge from a particular science or discipline . The investigation can be carried out by the public or private area, although in the second case, the efforts are a way to increase a position in a certain market. Research is important in the development of nations and has a great weight in increasing productivity in the economic area. That is why developed countries spare no effort to increase research and promote resources for this activity, knowing that these efforts will be rewarded in the future.

Research explains new theories and information that either confirm past theories or nullify them. This knowledge serves to explain new ways of solving problems that in the past were a huge burden for man. In fact, many of the solutions that seem right today are just the process of a long period of a research cycle. When the accumulation of knowledge becomes continuous and explains new ways to positively reach the human experience, we can say that this country has reached a level of sustainable development . research

The above is especially important in the area of ​​economics. In fact, knowledge is a way of organizing production in such a way that it consumes less and less resources and is more and more abundant. That’s why there are some economic theories that attempt to explain the impact of the innovation of the economic activity of man, innovation that can only be accomplished by incorporating the production process to the new found knowledge. In fact, if an agent quickly acquires new knowledge by creating another product or service that best meets a need or that significantly reduces expenses, it will have a considerable advantage in the market. This circumstance is important to create ahigher income and financially consolidate this particular company. The knowledge of this situation makes the private sector look favorably on the research process and that there are entities dedicated entirely to this type of task. Undoubtedly, these circumstances will be used more over time. research

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