What is Research Project definition/concept

In any scientific research process, the final result is reflected in a research project, which presents a new idea based on a methodology. Research Project

The three fundamental questions

There are three questions that every research project must answer: what is investigated, why is research needed? and how, when and with what resources is the study carried out?

General aspects of a research project

The first step is to define the issue to be addressed. Normally, every research project brings the solution to a problem and, therefore, is about defining, delimiting, approaching or formulating an initial problem.

A work or research project is approached as an original study on a subject that presents some difficulty.

In any research project it is necessary to establish what kind of study should be carried out (there are descriptive, experimental, case studies, etc.).

It is necessary to clearly state what is the main objective of the project and what are the secondary objectives.

For a survey to be valid it is necessary to determine a study sample (for example, the specific population of a territory). On the other hand, a presentation technique (for example, of a probabilistic type) must be introduced .

Regarding technical aspects, it is necessary to use variable measurement scales, which can be qualitative or quantitative. On the other hand, a plan for data analysis, evaluation reports, bibliographical references in accordance with established guidelines, material resources, etc., must be established.

Of course, it is essential that the research is based on the scientific method accepted by the scientific community and, at the same time, that there is a defined theoretical framework.

Stages of a research project

In general, the following steps can be established:

1) definition of the theme and justification of the project;

2) research planning ;

3) documentation and field analysis;

4) analysis and interpretation of data ;

5) writing the writing;

6) final presentation of the project.

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