What is Maturity definition/concept/elaboration

Maturity is understood as the process by which any living being grows and develops until it reaches its point of maximum fullness . Maturity is a process that does not happen from one moment to another, but takes place from the appearance of certain facts or elements.

In some cases, maturity can last for a short time (like the example of some insects), while in other living beings it can last for years (like the example of humans).

It can be said that all living beings go through a process of maturity, leaving their most fragile and vulnerable phase to reach a complete and full development and thus leave offspring to maintain the species.

In the case of human beings, maturity is a very complex process, as it involves physical or biological, as well as social and cultural notions and issues that largely influence the way in which the individual forms his personality and identity.

When we talk about human maturity, experts identify different phases. The first is childhood (also nowadays subdivided into several childhoods), from which children are defenseless, fragile and rely on the assistance of adults to survive.

Childhood can reach up to 10 years of age, when the child enters the puberty and pre-adolescence phase

At this point, they begin to develop a certain autonomy and question everything around them. The adolescence is perhaps the last phase of maturity, one in which the individual has just form their identity, their interests, and face your fears and insecurities to finally get into adulthood.

However, this classification in stages is very rigid and nowadays human society presents many variants of it.

In this sense, there are societies in which the child is considered an adult after the age of 10, as well as others in which young people show traces of immaturity and adolescence even after reaching 25 years of age. This represents substantial changes related to the idea of ​​maturity, so this concept must be carefully analyzed in each case.

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