What is Social Control definition/concept

Social control is called by the type of activity itself of authoritarian governments that determine the behavior of society in a certain direction, usually related by being obedient and poor in relation to the scheme in question. In social control, numerous opportunities are put into practice, especially the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, such as fascism , communism, etc. Social Control refers to both the political and the economic level, generally having the approval of a small sector of the population that benefits from the others.

Social control uses numerous methods, but within them the role of advertising is of great importance. Thus, there is a constant disclosure of many lies, although they are not believed by everyone, but they generate a channel of doubts and uncertainties. In order to keep the population in a state of fear, aggression and support for the regime, scapegoats are created for all the problems that exist in the country. Enemies usually guard all the ills they suffer and have the purpose of resolving any responsibility of the government in question. When this type of attitude and strategy is no longer sufficient, aggressiveness increases so that the population is in a state of shock and does not need critical action. Social control

However, this type of activity has bad long-term consequences. In fact, there are theories developed that explain the difficulties that a social control has and the negative consequences for the one who promotes it. When trying to control the population, one of the main objectives is to appropriate economic resources to control them. This circumstance is perceived by producing agents who stopped producing in excess for fear of withdrawing this surplus. As a consequence , the economy is at a standstill and these resources that are needed to maintain the regime are exempt. In this case, the population may become impatient due to scarcityexisting and starts to make ever-increasing demands. At this point, the attempt at social control can be done through fear and repression of dropouts.

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