What is Monogamy definition/concept

Monogamy is a way of understanding love, a style of love in which there is a commitment between two people within an exclusive relationship. That is, a love for two. From this point of view, monogamy is contrary to polygamy .

Monogamy refers to this exclusivity for as long as the relationship lasts . A reciprocity from an emotional and sexual point of view. Therefore, fidelity is a fundamental value in this type of affective bond.

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From this perspective, when a person makes a commitment to their partner or partner, they acquire an emotional involvement in this love story, discarding any possible involvement with potential candidates under the same conditions. Monogamy

It is possible to end this relationship to start a new one, but for a person who has a vision of faithful love, the idea of ​​having a love relationship with different people at the same time or leading a double life is incompatible.

Monogamy is also influenced by the social and cultural customs of a people. Two people can live a faithful and true love even in a long-distance relationship, since the essence of the bond is also emotional.

Currently, monogamy is the dominant social structure in countries that have a Christian influence.

Often, the beginning of a relationship is assumed when the other also aspires to maintain a monogamous relationship, without dealing with this issue at the beginning of the story. This can give rise to bonds of frustration, as there are no common expectations for both. The opposite of a monogamous relationship is an open relationship . Monogamy

However, it is important that the relationship is clear, knowing exactly what was determined between them (a pact of mutual agreement ). The film “Anna and the King”, starring Jodie Foster, is an example of a story that expresses, among other themes, how culture influences love in the way of life.

movie recommendation

The film tells the story of Anna Leonowens, a British teacher who travels to Thailand to work for King Siam as a trainer for his 58 children. Anna’s arrival in Thailand in the temporal context of the 19th century places the governess in front of a new cultural framework that breaks with her schemes and values.

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