What is Fantastic Tale definition/concept

The short story is a fictional narration that has a smaller extension than the novel . It is a literary genre in which imaginary stories are narrated. The fantastic tale is a specific subgenre and its main aspect is the presence of an unreal dimension in the course of events. Fantastic Tale

Characteristics of fantastic tales

The author of a fantastic tale or fantasy tale (as it is also called) tells a story full of mysterious and inexplicable elements. Usually, in the argumentative plot of these tales there is a combination of reality and fantasy.

The world of the fantastic story is usually presented from a realistic viewpoint, that is, the elements and characters are identified by the reader. Despite this realistic expectation, strange and abnormal facts are presented.

A strange fact is one that does not comply with the laws of reality and therefore there is no rational explanation. The themes that generate strangeness can be varied: double characters, changes in time and space (such as trips to the past or parallel realities), confusion or mixing of dreams and reality or the appearance of supernatural beings (ghosts, mutants and others). The formation of these strange worlds and unreal characters create a disturbing atmosphere in the story. Fantastic Tale

Usually the characters of fantastic tales are common and everyday, so the reader can identify with them, even if the story is fanciful

Some examples of fantastic tales and “The Aleph” as a paradigmatic model for this fantasy genre.

In Kafta’s brief account “The Metamorphosis” the main character is an individual who transforms into a humanized insect and lives with his own family . In Lovecraft’s “Myths of Cthulhu” literary series, immaterial and monstrous characters appear who live in an underworld parallel to the real. In the short story “The Ant Antonia” by Moises Miranda he tells the story of an anthill whose theme is work and free time. Fantastic Tale

“O Aleph” is a short story by the Argentine Jorge Luis Borges which, in turn, is part of a set of short stories. In the narrated stories, some classic themes of this literary genre appear, such as: change of identity, man and the infinite, the cabal, myths or hell as an allegory . In most of these accounts there is a mysterious riddle that has countless ramifications, some real and some fanciful. Fantastic Tale

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