What is Agape/meaning/concept/elaboration

Some words have a long and curious history. This is the case of agape, a word originally used by the Greeks of the ancient world to refer to love and which over time acquired other meanings.

love for the greeks

Greek philosophers understood love in various ways. Plato, in the IV century; C reflected on this concept in one of his best-known dialogues: The Banquet. Throughout it, the characters involved in this banquet contributed their opinions on what love means and its various modalities.

In this way, for Plato, there are four ways to conceive it:

1) when you experience an intense desire for another person accompanied by sexual attraction, it is an erotic love and you live with passion and carnal pleasure;

2) if there is a feeling of deep loyalty and affection for someone, but without any erotic connotation , love is known by the term storgé; What is Agape?

3) if the feeling of love is directed towards brotherhood among people, philia is experienced;

4) If love is altruistic, unconditional and seeks the good of others, this feeling is called agape.

Plato reminds us that love is an inner force that manifests itself in different planes and directions. Agape can be understood as the love for nature, for humanity, for the highest values ​​or for the truth. It is a noble and sincere feeling that goes beyond self-interest and therefore has nothing to do with erotic love or filial love.

among the first Christians

During the first centuries of Christianity, the faithful had the custom of gathering together for a joint meal known as agape. It was a fraternal act that served to strengthen affective bonds and was performed to commemorate the celebration of the Last Supper of Jesus. From a historical point of view, agape can be seen as a precedent for the Eucharist.

On the other hand, many biblical passages speak of a completely unconditional love that resembles Platonic agape love. It should be noted that in the Greek translation of the Bible three types of love appear: erotic, filial and agape.

The current meaning of the term

Nowadays, the word agape is not related to the idea of ​​love or any religious aspect. Agape is simply a festive meal to celebrate some social event . What is Agape?

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