What is Estivill Method definition/concept

Like eating or communicating, sleep is a vital necessity . Problems in getting to sleep negatively affect health and well-being. In the case of children, the night rest has a special relevance, so it is very convenient for parents to know how to help their children to sleep well. Estivill Method

The habit of healthy sleep not only positively affects children’s well-being, but also benefits the parents’ quality of life .

Eduard Estivill’s books provide useful advice for parents

This prestigious Spanish physician and researcher specializes in sleep disorders and throughout his career has published several popular books that explain how children’s sleep can be made easier. Some of their advice are as follows:

  • – Babies should sleep on their back, as this way short breathing breaks or apneas do not affect sleep. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that, during the night’s rest, children manufacture growth hormone. Estivill Method
  • – Parents must facilitate their children’s sleep and for this it is important to establish a routine that has two fundamental aspects: a regular time and that the baby always sleeps in the same place, never in their parents’ bed.
  • – According to this methodology, before the child sleeps, parents must accompany him for a short period of time. The reading of a tale in an environment quiet is one of the most desirable guidelines.
  • – If the child cries after falling asleep, the parents should not enter the room immediately. It is preferable to allow a few minutes to pass before trying to reassure the child. The purpose of the method is for the little ones to learn to sleep alone.

The Estivill method is not free from criticism

Not all pediatricians and pediatric neuropsychologists share the above guidelines. Some believe that letting a baby or young child cry is risky and harmful, as in the long term it can lead to hyperarousal, anxiety or depression. Estivill Method

From a strictly scientific point of view , the Estivill method has been criticized for contradicting the recommendations of the medical associations of pediatrics and because there are no bibliographic references to support its thesis.

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