What is Library/meaning/concept/elaboration

The term library refers to a physical place designed to house an organization of books to be consulted by readers. In this sense, a library maintains a whole form of administration and organization so that the information contained is easily accessible. Currently, with the use of information technology , this type of administration has greatly facilitated thanks to the implementation of computer tools. However, in the past, organization was rigorously done because in some cases libraries housed a large number of books.

The library is a creation that has been around for a long time. In fact, since antiquity it was advisable to seek knowledge in a place for consultation. Thus, as an emblematic case, we can mention the library of Alexandria, which gathered a significant amount of works and whose fame is today. Of course, this type of collection showed many differences from what we can consider today. First, books didn’t exist as they do today, but used to be used in hoops or unbound rolls. On the other hand, on many occasions, there was a close relationship with the prevailing religion.

In the Middle Ages, the library played a fundamental role in preserving the knowledge of the past. In fact, these libraries served as a bridge between the ancient age and the beginning of the renaissance , as the ancient works were revalued. The medieval library was present in religious buildings and was maintained by copyists who spent long hours transcribing in legible handwriting the numerous volumes present. These manuscripts were exorbitantly priced as a result of all the dedication it took to produce them.

Thus, with the invention of the printing press, libraries had a great extension and left the area of ​​monasteries or other structures linked to the religious field. In fact, thanks to technological advances, the cost of producing a book has dropped remarkably and this has allowed for more circulation and a greater number of libraries. It was necessary to develop an ideal capacity to organize the quantity of volumes and this established the development of several practices so that their efficient use was guaranteed.

Currently, thanks also to technological development, the role of the library is diluting. In fact, the internet offers a large bank data with information able to be organized systematically and provide a wide variety of information. Over time, the reading of virtual books has grown even more and today it is a guaranteed presence in our daily lives.

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