What is Ideology definition/concept/elaboration

Ideology is a way in which people represent themselves in the world. It is made up of different concepts articulated in an order that maintains some kind of internal coherence. Ideologies can be used in various fields of human action and have a high degree of approval by society, although they do not necessarily constitute scientific knowledge. Many theorists based themselves on this concept, and sociology is the one that has most discussed the subject.

Ideology usually elaborates a representation of reality with the aim of carrying out a certain action plan. This representation of reality is constituted as a set of concepts that serve as a judgment , while the action plan uses this representation to take steps towards the desired situation, while avoiding an undesirable situation.

The concept took on importance from Marx’s theory. Thus, ideology is an explanation of the world experienced in society in relation to the mode of production that sustains it. This somehow prevents the oppressed classes from becoming aware of their situation. Ideology is part of this current of thought called superstructure, a concept that groups, in addition to notions such as the legal, political, art, etc., and which is subordinate to the structure or true condition of production. From this perspective, ideology plays an accomplice role in relation to the oppression of one social class by another. In Marx’s context, liberal ideology hides the oppression of the proletariat in the hands of the bourgeoisie.

In the last century there have been many movements about ideology, movements that on many occasions ended in real tragedies; just remember fascism with its blood trail. On the other hand, ideologies were also manifested about various social demands of a lesser degree, such as feminism, environmental protection , etc.

From the eighties onwards, little structured thinking began as a consequence of the development of post-modernity. This thinking refers to a flexible and inconsistent ideology adapted to circumstances. It is basically an ideology that seeks to interpret reality without submitting to a certain logic. In this regard, he can allude to both political and economic eclecticism.

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